Spartan Race – Vernon Super 2015

* From: bob landman
* Event: Spartan Super Vernon

* Event Details
Parking : offsite about a mile or so down the road, with bus service , or if you wanted to pony up $40 right across from the venue
Festival Area-Vendors:I never visit merch tent, have enough do-rags, stickers, tshirts to last a lifetime( seriously) but it seems like its more of a store set up …, there was tom tom and bell-core( small one definitely worth the money- and got to buff out sore hip post race) Fit Aid, Marines, DJ , beer- shocktop, organic valley, panasonic, and im sure i forgot a few. builders bar gave out draw string bags at reg.
Registration , a little slower than usual, im thinking they were light on the # of vols but for the most part relatively seamless.

* Race Details
This was my 4th time at MCWP for the Super,( the site of my first super, so it holds special meaning to me i guess) .. And for 3 yrs running , i couldnt comfortably swim to the dock and get myself onto it , without help, which was why i didnt sign up to run with the big boys- but i trained for the swim, it was going down)
Dustin was the MC ( he and TC are my fav’s) . One of the things ive said before is SR has more obstacles that they need, so how they place them along with the terrain can make for a great race or a fair race( boston super imo) . And right away they sent us up a 200 meter incline at 15+% ( see tomtom data for terrain profile ) Obstacles ( that i can remember in no particular order, i never look at the map) marine hurdles, OUT, stairway to sparta, sand bag, log carry, herc hoist, 2 barbed wire crawl, dunk wall, rolling mud, atlas carry, Dry-rolean( tyrolean over ground) . slip wall, 6,7,9 ft walls, A frame , vertical cargo net, spear… Bucket of Suck, Rope climb( where knotless side had water level problem, so when i got there i had to use knotted side as they were refilling) , traverse wall , and multirig were in the festival area… Highlight for me was actually Jun Pak jumping and catching the rope for the climb and going up , only hitting the water on the way down……Now for the swim, ive been here before and i knew it was coming up, so we get to the lake and how does it go, it was a run through the shallow part of the lake, maybe knee deep. A few F bombs went flying, i was prepared for this( dont worry Bob, they wont let you down at Killington). For me, this is what I wanted a super to be in degree of difficulty…

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