Spartan Race – VT Charity Sprint 2014

* From: Ma Velez

* Event Details
Parking: long hike to the reg
VIP parking: none! Even with the pass it was full
Vendors: rocktape (saved my knees)
Shwag: bummed they ran out of Trifecta 2014 shirts

* Race Details
The first 3 miles was the same as the beast.
The last mile plus was the last mile if the beast.

Having done this course after completing the beast the day before was a challenge in and of itself.

Great support by the volunteers

Absolutely loved the course. (Even through the pain)

Must remember to never forget my knee pads again.

Loved seeing the other charity teams out there & my fellow Spahtens complete this for a great cause.

It’s still an excellent course in spite of the parking since the parking & swag issue was more due to overall world championship versus thecharity race itself.

* Rating

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