Spartan Stadium Series – Citizens Bank Park, 2013

* From: Michael Downey


 * Event Details

This was Spartans 3 venture into the stadium series races.  I Have been a part of all 3 of the stadium races so far and each one they are improving. Now on to the nuts and bolts of this event the venue of citizens bank park was a nice choice similar to fenway park in how its a compact close confines park with a sea parking lots around the park. for this event a nice change of pace was the FREE parking right next to the stadium. check in as usual with spartan was well organized and a breeze once you entered they had a map of the course and spectator map to get a idea of what was ahead. once you got into the concourse they had the bag check and it was being very nicely run by NE spahten team member Heather Laffey. vendors was much the of the usually for spartan, the merch section seemed a smaller than past races  and no special merch with this events logo at all.


 * Race Details

Now for the main event as has been for all of the stadium races it started off with a tiny sprint and then scale all the way up the park via the handicap ramps with bungees to hop over or crawl under, the O-U-T had either 3 or 4 sets and that seemed more than normal  but was fun. than a lot of the up and down and all over sections the next big obsticle stop was the Hercules hoist  maned by yet another spahten Andrew Fogarty and had to be the highest pull height for a stadium yet . more up down and all over the park that then brought us to the new style monkey bars that made there first appearance @ citi field but this time they were making sure the handles did not spin at all, that then went right into the 500m row after that the 6ft wall and more section running, hobie hop spear throw, rope climb atlas carry large rope jump rope and then into one of the shortest sand bag carries ive seen and right into the jerry can carry. normally this obstacle isnt to bad but this time the degree of difficulty was for the men having to carry to cans through the seating sections leaving you with 2 choices  A- walk sidewals or B bring the cans up above your belt like to carry them over the seats. then you came to the beginning of the end with hand release pushups in the visiors clubhouse on to the warning track heading out to left field and box jump then work your way to right field and the military  hurdles and to a new part of the stadiums that i really thought was a nice touch having the traverse wall and A frame cargo net on the infield on the park to finish off the race. Overall i think this event was a big improvement over citi field in april and i think spartan has a great thing with these special stadium runs and i cant wait to see how they try to top themselves this Nov in fenway park


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