Superhero Scramble Tri-State 2013

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* From: Erin Jones

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I thought that the event was well coordinated and that they were able to get all my volunteer and race details squared away right when I got there. The burgers were delicious, although I think any food that went into my mouth after that grueling run would have made me drool…still koodos!! Parking was easy and all relatively close to the event so the walk was minimal.

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The obstacles were tough but manageable. The crazy hill in between mile 1 and 2 just about killed my legs, but really helped me push myself through the rest of the race. Truly, after that, I knew nothing else could stop me!

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3 thoughts on “Superhero Scramble Tri-State 2013

  1. Mike. Hope all is well. Check out Tough Mudders Novenber 2&3 in Tampa. I will be there on the 3rd.

    1. Are you entering it?

  2. This was my first super hero and it was great.I have ran a few obstacle courses but this was the most intense.The view at the top of that ski slope was awesome once you battled your to the top which was the most grueling thing I have done in more then 15 years.I thought parking would be an issue but it turned out to be no problem at all. This was one of the most well coordinated races I have been too.People on the course were great helping at obstacles and providing that verbal language to keep you moving along.Everyone reaching out to each other going up that first slope was great.I ran this race with relatives who have no or little experience running a obstacle course.
    It was like a mini family reunion and everyone enjoyed it. I believe there is a good chance for another mini family reunion next year if the event is held again.The whole family and friends who ran with me thought the course was great.

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