Tuff Scramblers – Spring 2013


* From: Jessica Wohlen

* Event Details
Parking:  Limited parking on site with a 2nd lot approximately 1/2 mile away.  There were shuttle buses running regularly or it was a quick downhill walk to the venue.

Facilities:  Located on a farm, there was no indoor plumbing available.  Port-a-potties and a couple semi-private showering stations were on site.  I’d recommend, in the future, they set up the hose octopus thing that several other events have utilized.  The shower was a great idea, but not super efficient.

Vendors:  I showed up toward the end of the day so I really didn’t have a chance to take any of this in.  I do know they had Muscle Milk there!

Schwag:  We all like our bling, but Tuff Scramblers hooks you up with a quality tech shirt and a pint glass.  I can’t hang this on my medal hanger, but I can use it when I’m drinking my alcoholic beverage of choice!

* Race Details
The race is a 5k.  All the running is in and around the farm – mostly wooded – with some technical trail running (or walking) thrown in for good measure.

I’ve not done the Spring race before, and the for the Fall 2012 race I was unable to do some of the obstacles due to a hand injury.  I was chomping at the bit to do ALL the obstacles this time, and I did!  These races have reasonably challenging obstacles.

There were a lot of climbing elements – hills of dirt, hills of sand, mounds of rocks, walls, nets.  The Fall 2012 race had a this epic net climb to a jump into a pile of mulch.  There were a number of injuries, and I was glad to see they didn’t take the obstacle away and rather revamped it.  It was a steep net climb up and a less steep net climb down with a platform at the top for transition.  Much safer, and still challenging and fun.  (I was secretly hoping for a slide though!)

Also in the obstacle catalog:  muddy bear crawl, balance beam, uneven tower hops, barrel hops, and, of course, the giant “marshmallow” hay bale stacks.

This one is a fun race, that will challenge.  I recommend checking it out and getting at least one of their 2 annual events on your calendar!

* Rating
Above Average

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