Viking Obstacle Race – Fall 2014

* From: Matt Puntin
* Event: Viking Obstacle Race – Fall 2014

* Event Details
I ran the Spring 2014 edition of the Viking and loved it. I knew I would need to come back again. The race is set up at a permanent obstacle course at Sunny Hill Resort in Greenville, NY. It’s a great place to stay for the weekend (especially if you have kids). In spring I stayed for the weekend as part of an all-inclusive package including the race. If you stay for the weekend you can actually run it as many times as you want. However this weekend it was partially booked for a wedding, so I didn’t stay over.

The staff and volunteers are super friendly and helpful.

The parking was FREE and close to the start/finish line. There are indoor bathrooms and small coffee shop. There are also several port-a-potties. Spectators are FREE and they will shuttle you to different places around the course.

I registered early online for about $70. I’m not sure what race day registration cost. It came with a shirt and a FREE timing chip. And a FREE lunch and beer.

* Race Details
The course is about 5.5 miles long with over 30 obstacles. The course is mainly trail running with no major hills. I won’t bother listing all of the obstacles but it was designed by Rob Butler of Shale Hill fame, so there are a few Robstacles. The penalty for a failed obstacle is 25 burpees. The obstacles include your standard mud, walls (lots of walls), rope climb, and plenty of unique ones. It’s a combination of running, balance, strength, and upper body.

Some of my favorite obstacles where the 120 foot long (yes 120) Skywalk Balance Log, which also has a short rope traverse to another balance log. There is a 7-section Traverse Wall with a balance beam and overhead beam that puts Spartan to shame. I’d say it’s second in difficulty only to the Shale Hill traverse wall. The Monkey Bars are a saw tooth shape, with a flat, inclined, declined, and flat section, with no rests. The second hardest monkey bars I’ve been on, second to Shale Hill. Making it more difficult is the fact that the monkey bars come at the end of 8 obstacles that are nearly back-to-back.

I love this course and will continue to come back every year, hopefully twice a year. I recommend it for all levels. It’s challenging for the elite, yet many beginners run it also.

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