Vino and the Beasts 2014


* From: bob landman

* Event Details
Held at Millbrook Winery in the Hudson Valley….parking onsite, $5 We were parked maybe 1/4 mi from registration onsite….we got there a little late-ish relative to start time…and the parking attendants didnt know if they had a bag check , but knew there was a key check( made the executive decision to leave bag in car, only to find out key check served as bagcheck too) ….Registration easy, alphabetically order, 4 lanes,, you got bib which had timing chip on back, race shirt -light weight techie tee, souvenier wine glass, which would come in handy later and 5 tickets, also for later. we wrapped our wine glasses in the shirt , put it in the bag with ourkey, and checked it and off we went .. Festival area had live band, kind of jazz club music, 4 or 5 vendors including Advocare, local winery with painting party service, natural body products vendor, …. there were 2 food vendors, one a hotdog truck with gourmet dogs, and one guy with bbq- chicken and pork
, chicken was good( after obviously)….Post race they had a wine tasting tent, and you could sample 5 of the vineyards wines, 1 ticket each , or use all 5 and get a glassful…we sampled all 5

* Race Details
The race started a few yrs ago in a vineyard in upstate NY, i saw a video last yr and was intrigued.. This yr they are expanding to 4 venues including Ct , the day after the Vt Beast. They advertised 10 obstacles and water/ wine stops..As we knew this was going to be a fun( or we hoped so ) race, we chose to dress up since there we no slit up the side of my outfit running was tough but again i wasnt there to be competitive.. . Waves went out starting 2 pm, every 10 min, they had a total of 275 racers ,. We missed our 2 pm start time, but it was no worries, we went out at 2:10…. While i didnt count , obstacles 7 and 10 did not seem to appear at the venue and certainly not in the order provided Actually first obstacle was #9 mt vino, which was like a slippery wall without the slip…. afterward it
was back and forth between the rows of grapes with obstacles thrown in.. the hay bales again were a sequence of those round ones you see in Vt…. ….there were a series of 4′ overs and unders, and a slide in to the water/mud…..the deepest mud was 2 inches and the” barbed wire” crawl which was actually twine was on a tarp with maybe 2 inches of muddy water… there were 2 water stations on the course, the first one had wine sampler, maybe an ounce of their homegrown, finished in about 40 min( i did leg day at the gym the day before, so walking was even a chore) finisher medal honestly was beer can thin,, cheryl won her age group, we won best costume….If you think about a normal on road 5K will set you back 25-30 bucks , and for about 20 more we get obstacles, and swag, low key fun afternoon

* Rating
Above Average

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