Wason Pond Pounder 2014

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* From: Dennis Michaud

* Event Details
This is a small scale, local event that 100% of the proceeds goes to charity. It was easy to get to, parking for most was off-site and shuttle buses were used. No issues there from what I was able to witness. Did I say that the parking was FREE? Plenty of porta-potties that were located just outside the small but more than adequate festival area. Registration was straight forward and well organized. you got your bib and a reusable timing chip you wrapped around your ankle that you removed at the finish line. You then went to pick up your shwag, a cotton shirt and a goodie bag that realistically was nothing more than junk mail, just a selection of the flyers from the sponsors. But, those same sponsors pay the bills so why not. No finisher’s medal, so a bling whore would be disappointed. I’ll take a moment to remind everyone that 100% of your registration went to charity, parking was FREE, oh, and no charge for spectators. I’m a happy camper with those features over great schw
ag. Bag check was FREE. No Showers, but none were needed, but there was a changing area.A few food vendors, you might have heard of them: Your local Lion’s Club, your Local Boy Scout Troop, and your Local Fire Department. Homemade treats and your typical burgers, dogs, and wraps, all freshly made. On a sad note, no beer. No alcohol allowed at the event venue. However, I did have a beer when I got home, so all is right in the world. Stonyfield’s was there handing out samples of their yogurt. I love the blueberry, so got a free 4pack. Music was provided by a DJ. I’m not certain, but other than the National Anthem, I don’t think any song was played in it’s entirety. Just an observation.

* Race Details
The course itself I was told was 3.3 miles. It was mostly flat, a few hills, some straightforward dirt trails and a few sections of some more technical trails. Obstacles included a number of wooden reels to hurdle or climb over, an uphill tire field, a section of over, unders, and throughs, a couple of walls to climb over, a slanted wall with rope climb, a tire carry in the sand, a couple of crawls through some nice soft grass,a cargo net climb, a water bucket carry, a few hurdles,a couple of A-frame ladders and the final obstacle a hay bale to get over just before the finish line. I’m not sure if the cow “chips” I saw along the trail were considered an obstacle or not, but as a country boy at heart, it did my heart good. A comment made by one of the Elite runners was pretty accurate: A nice trail run with a some fun obstacles along the way. That was a good short description. Here’s my take on difficulty, and this goes for every event. They are as challenging as you make them
, if the obstacles are on the easy side, you can always push harder on the run. There were plenty of obstacle for me, these were obstacles that were doable by almost anyone, yet challenging enough to make you know it wasn’t just a walk in the park. It’s on my list to do again. I’m rating it excellent due to the charitable aspect of the event.

* Rating

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