Wicked Mud Run III 2014


* From: Danielle Carrier

* Event Details
The option for day before bib pickup was an excellent start to this race. We picked up our bibs on Friday night, allowing us to only have to get to the race shortly before our heat time. I never saw a line more than 2 or 3 people deep at the registration table on the day of the race which indicates that it was well run and organized.

The location was easy to find. The parking was free and it was only a short walk to the lodge and festival area. There were some vendors there, but the cold and rain kept us inside the lodge until race time.

There was a table full of raffle baskets that looked pretty decent, with proceeds going to charity. Unfortunately the raffle winners were drawn as people were still coming off the course so we did not have the chance to buy some tickets.

There was no bag check, but with parking so close to the start line, it was easy enough to keep everything in the car. The only thing we did not consider was what to do with our keys. It would have been nice to have somewhere safe to keep our stuff on site for a small donation to charity.

Finishers got a unique, sturdy medal. We also got a bottle of water and a free beer (Cisco Whale’s Tale Pale Ale out of Nantucket). There were t-shirts available for 10 dollars. The ski lodge was open with some basic food options and additional beer available for sale. There was a live band playing in the festival area and WAAF was setting up in the lodge as we were leaving.

* Race Details
I was quite impressed with the level of challenge this course presented. As a middle of the pack runner, I found I had to push myself more than usual but I never had any doubt that I would be able to finish.The amount of time going up and down the hill added a good amount of difficulty to the race. My GPS measured the run at 2.75 miles.

The race started by climbing up one of the ski hills. This was a good way to start the race. It served the thin out the pack so that there were no real waits at any of the obstacles. Most of the obstacles were pretty standard with rope climb, traverse wall, a-frame, tires, mud mound with waist deep water pits in-between. There was a pretty challenging sand bag carry (not sure the weights but they were probably heavier than usual because of the rain). It sent you down the hill over some low walls and the back up a fairly steep climb. There was a pole traverse over a water/mud pit that was a little different than anything I had seen before. The low belly crawl was not that low but the trenches were filled with a few inches of water with a giant puddle at the end which provided a bit of a challenge as well.

Runners were given the option to skip obstacles for a penalty. This is something I really liked. There are a few obstacles that I struggle with and I always feel a little guilty when I have to skip them. This allowed me to finish the race “guilt free”. The penalties were not difficult. The ones that I had heard were 10 mountain climbers, 10 burpees, 25 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups.

Overall I was quite impressed with this race. It was challenging and fun, even in the cold and rain. I would definitely run it again next year if it comes back.

* Rating


* From: Alissa Comlin
* Event: Wicked Mud Run III, October 11, 2014
* Date: 2014-10-11

* Event Details
This event was not overcrowded, was well-run, and alot of fun. Lots of kids there and they were warm and comfortable inside the lodge. Only one minor issue where I had to change my heat time to run with NES but this was handled promptly and courteously.

Plenty of free, on-site parking, no issues at all with this. Arrived at 11:00am for the 11:30am heat and there was still lots of parking left.

a small function room with a bar, snacks, fireplace, tables, a open changing/storage area as well as private bathrooms made this an enjoyable location.

Never had to wait for the bathroom, before or after the race. There were porta-potties at the bottom of the course, but I’d be surprised if anyone had to use them since the race just didn’t seem overly crowded. Also noticed an ambulance/EMT on call which I thought was smart given the slippery conditions. As far as I know, no one got hurt.

There was a t-shirt table for $10 but I didn’t see any other items for sale. By the time I got to the table after the race, they were wrapping up. There was also free beer and water for racers, a welcome treat at the Finish line. The registration mentioned free BBQ food also but I did not see (or smell) that happening. The weather was slightly rainy and this may have prohibited that. I did not feel like that detracted from the race experience, however. There was live music and it was a fun, festive atmosphere despite the cold drizzly rain.

* Race Details
5k in length with LOTS of hill climbs, in fact this was the most challenging part of the course. Wet and muddy grounds made for slick conditions, so controlled footholds were key throughout the race. The course was well-marked and at no time was it confusing which way racers were supposed to go. Obstacle moderators were throughout the course giving encouragement and direction.

One strange note, some obstacles were moderated by younger kids, maybe pre-teen. Some people didn’t complete the obstacle, nor did they do the penalty, and this wasn’t enforced because the moderator was too young in my opinion. I thought it was nice to see kids involved in the race, but at the same time a little strange to be in a position of authority during the race.

A very slippery inverted wall, rock climb, at least two 10ft+ wall climbs, sandbag carry, three water obstacles including a pipe traverse, an over/under wall, and a trench with simulated barbed wire and hoses spraying extra water at you, a traverse wall, two tire jumps, rope climb. Penalties for missed obstacles included 15
burpees, 10 mountain climbers, and pushups that I could see. I made all obstacles except for the rope climb so I’m not 100% positive what all the penalties were.

Moderately difficult obstacles, hill climbing was the more difficult part of the course in my opinion.

* Rating
Above Average

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