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Super Spahtens!

Superhero Scramble wall

In around a month, we’ll be bringing the biggest team to the MA Superhero Scramble. We also want to bring fastest team, and are looking for people to field as a team (or two) in the money winning Obstacle Racing League, and shoot for the Scramble Gamble prize money.

What this means to you:

  • If you’re a quick runner, or think you have a chance of helping the team average finish time be the best of the day – send your race resume or athlinks profile. Specifically, we’re looking for ~5k OCR and road race times.
  • You should have an NE Spahtens race shirt or T Shirt, and should wear it during the race and any podium or official photographs taken after. If you don’t have one – we can see about getting you a loaner.

We are looking for guys *and* girls for this – there are team, and mens / women’s prizes available!

We’ll pay for your $30 additional entry into the Elite Wave (you are responsible for your own race entry, if you don’t have it already) – but any prize money you win will be yours to keep. If you want to race later in the day, or in the night wave, you’re on your own for that entry..


How much money is on the line?

First place team – $2000
Second place team – $1000
Third place team – $500

Keep in mind, you will also be eligible for individual prizes on top of this.

First place male / female – $1000
Second place male / female – $500
Third place male / female – $250

To apply – send an email with your race resume to by May 24th, 6pm. Team announcements will be made by May 28th – Race day is June 8th!


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