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Superhero Scramble – Team Spahten

You may be aware that one of the leading obstacle course events (Superhero Scramble) in the world is coming to our back yard. In two weeks.


You may be aware that they are one of the leaders in TEAM based racing, something Hobie Call and many many others are confident is the future of competitive OCR events.

So we’re putting some people forward for the Scramble Gamble. A team of men, and a team of women will race competitively for a shot at the cash prize!

These guys will take on the course in the Scramble Gamble wave at 9:15am – if you can be there to cheer them on, we’d love it! The team heat is currently looking like it’s at 11am, and many of us will be volunteering for the afternoon before going back out for the 8pm night wave – it’ll be a long day full of SUPER.

Join the NE Spahtens team – we’re the biggest of the day. You know you want to.

Team NE Spahten - Men
Team NE Spahten - Women

6 thoughts on “Superhero Scramble – Team Spahten

  1. […] As previously announced, we also had two teams of four running in the money winning Superhero Scramble Gamble wave – our guys and girls were training hard and getting themselves ready. The rest of the team had a Batman theme going on for costumes, with everything from full Joker (OMG Sandy, awesome) to Batman T Shirts and socks. […]

  2. ps. Shame on the athletes without a comedy Facebook profile photo for me to snag! boo!

    1. I love that Jeff's picture is from my Ugly Sweater party!

    2. shh, I want the competition to think that's his race gear … 😀 I mean, we all know thats how Mario races …

    3. I wasn't even drunk in that picture…

  3. LMAO…..That's Fantastic!

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