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Featured Review: Wason Pond Pounder 2014

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Wason Pond Pounder is a very special race – held last weekend, alongside the titans of OCR – Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and the tri-state Spartan Race, it did something they won’t.

It lets kids run, and treats them well.

How well? Check out our very special Featured Review.

About the Wason Pond Pounder
Callan Grant, age 6 and ¾

I’m a person who likes climbing, running, and exercising and stuff. The Spartan Kids race was awesome. I also did Extreme Field Day for Kids and Ruckus, which was the best kid’s race so far. And actually, the Wason Pond Pounder was not a kid’s race. It was a full adult race. This is the first time I ever ran any adult race. Here’s my list of pros and cons:


• The Pond, which I loved because I was so hot when I got in there
• The big and little A-Frames were awesome because the wood things were like rock climbing
• I was really good at the Over, Under, Through obstacles because I was faster than my dad on the Under and Through
• Running is one of my FAVORITE sports, and I ran all 3.3 miles, except a couple hills that I walked up
• It was a good place because they had yummy, yummy, yummy caramel yogurt and I got to watch my mom and dad race
• The shuttle bus was awesome because it was a short ride and they had our race numbers. I was 290. And also, we had the same bus driver to the race and back!
• They changed my race time so I could run with the New England Spahtens instead of the family wave. That was nice of them.
• I also loved the music because I recognized them from the radio.
• Being with my dad and mom at the race and running with Dad and Sandy (I beat both of them.)


• I hated jumping over the wet mud to get to the dry mud.
• I didn’t like that I didn’t get a medal after finishing the whole adult race.
• No kids t-shirts! But they had grown-up ones, and that was not fair.
• There were too many bugs, rocks, sticks, and thorns.

10306734_10203383928775615_8917927328621092317_nThe race was really fun, and I mean it. Good thing there wasn’t any way for me to get lost because there were ropes and dirt paths and signs and people to help you. The bucket carry was really fun and the tire carry was kind of fun. I carried one tire and my daddy carried five.

I LOVED the ones where I could crawl under the ropes because I was really good at that. And I liked the tall walls that had the wooden things on them to help you get up. I did these ones by myself!

I also really loved the monkey bars. The monkey bars are ALWAYS my favorite obstacle. The hay bail at the end was awesome. I tried to get up there and I couldn’t so my daddy got on the ground like a turtle and I climbed his back to get on top. Then I fell down right on my butt when I jumped off. Then I ran as fast as I could across the finish line.

Thank you for letting me write my pros and cons letter, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

Grade for the race: A+