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Review: Quest 2L Hydration Pack

From: Amber Galindo

Review: So this was my second hydration pack after another pack didn’t fit me comfortably. I was able to go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and try it on right in the store. The price point was great for me at $25 and I like that it has nice, thick back pack style straps.

I have now used this at almost every race I’ve run since I got it – even 5Ks simply because it is comfortable and does it’s job. It has extra storage in the front where I can keep gu, keys, phone, etc. for longer runs. It has mesh pockets on both sides, which is an easy place to put empty gu packets when on the course or when you pick up trash discarded by others. The mouth piece is very similar to the camelbak style, which I like. I has lots of adjustments that make it so it should fit just about anyone.

Given the price point of $25, frankly I can’t see how anything else in the price range could even compare. It has really served me well.

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OCR Newbie – What to pack?

Yesterday we covered what to wear. Today, we’ll cover what you need to pack in your bag to make your first Spartan Race at Amesbury a fun event.

It’s not as easy as it sounds – some people under-pack, and find themselves without something they really needed – and others will totally overpack and have to carry everything with them.

Keep in mind, that most people will be riding a school bus from the parking lot to the venue. This trip is only a 10min ride, but if you’re “that girl” who shows up with a suitcase, carry on pack and your purse – you will start your first race experience off on a bad foot.

Also, Spartan Race do offer a bag check – which costs $5 – and as biggest team, we will have our own team tent that bags can be left at.

IMPORTANT: All bags left unattended at your own risk. We will have people spectating or hanging out for the day, but the venue will be very busy, with large crowds. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your bag unattended, put it in the bag check, or leave it in your car.


What goes in:

  • Trash bag. This is where everything you wore during the race will go. It will be disgusting.
  • Full change of clothes. This includes everything from a clean T to socks and underwear.
  • Towel. This will dry you off after the wonderful communal cold showers, and possibly be the only privacy you’ll have when you strip down and get dressed. Bring a big one!
  • Comfortable shoes. After a race, your feet will swell, and you will be dirty and wet. The nicest thing in the world is to slip those aching feet into some Crocs or sandals, and not try to cram them in a new pair of sneakers.
  • Cash. The venue has an ATM, but food, beer and water is sold on a ticket system. Buy tickets with cash, then trade tickets for food and water. There will also be a merchandise tent if your finishers shirt isn’t enough.
  • Sun screen. Bug spray. No brainer, really.

Some “nice to have’s” you can throw in:

  • A camera to take some team and selfies.
  • Wet wash clothes in a baggie – these will save you from the fun communal showers.
  • Full set of spare race clothes – it’s not uncommon for people to say “woah, what a blast! I wanna go again!” and now, you can.
  • Your own food. For whatever reason, food vendors at these things tend towards the unhealthy. Be warned, you will not be able to bring your own coolers or liquids (water OR alcohol) into the venue.

Packing light is key. Leaving valuables (and jewelery) behind is going to be a good idea. The less *stuff* you have to deal with, the happier and easier your day will be!