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Spahten Story: Chris Marinin – A battle buddy who believes in you. Yes, you!

spartan-muckChris Marinin, AKA Lunchbox, was nominated for a Spahten Story by friend, Nathalie Beaudoin.

The Spahtens are what they are because of people like you.

Chris’s Nomination

Why are you nominating them?

He is the best battle buddy, teammate and friend to have out on the course!

What about them inspires you?

The fact that he goes out there and helps others no matter what it takes to confront obstacles and will encourage you no matter what it takes to get you through.

helping-new-friendsWhat quote would you use to describe them?

“Believe in yourself.”

Chris’s Responses

What was your first reaction when you found out you were nominated?

Successful, After my first race I got so much encouragement and help I wanted to keep that feeling on the course for others. Doing one of these races can be really scary for some people, and knowing there might be a helping hand when needed can put someones fears at ease.

When did you start obstacle course racing? Tell us about your first race and/or what got you into OCR.spartan-cheesing

My first race was the 2013 Spartan Sprint at Fenway Park! I had never even heard of Spartan Races or OCR until a month before when an old high school (Andrew Fogarty) friend put the bug in my ear that it would be fun. Once I accepted the challenge that Andrew but before me I trained as hard as I could with a month till race day. That was also my first race with the New England Spahtens!! Needless to say I was instantly addicted.

What was your biggest accomplishment at an obstacle course race? What made it your biggest accomplishment (overcame a fear, injury, disability etc?)hugs

For me completing a race is the biggest accomplishment. Starting a race for me is easy. You are surrounded by family and love, then you begin the journey. It’s the middle that scares the life out of me. Basically it’s all the What if’s that can and will go wrong that makes the completion of the race worth every step. It’s all about how far will you push yourself when your mind says your are crazy stop.

What attracts you to obstacle course races? Why do you keep coming back?

The People!! I have met some of the most amazing people while racing! The friendships and bonds made on these courses can’t be described with words. Not a day goes by that I don’t talk to at least one member of my OCR Family

What are your goals? Next race, next season … what’s in your future?hugs

Next Season is there is going to be a lot of juggling. We have our first baby Spahten due on Nov 1 so even if I’m not racing a lot you will see the newest NES member at several races. My biggest goal for myself next year is to just continue working on obstacles that have been issues for me this year specifically the Rope Climb and the Rig.

Is there anything else you think we should know?

If you are reading this and thinking I can never do one of these races I have two things to tell you:
1. Believe in yourself and amazing things can happen.
2. If you have trouble believing in yourself come find the New England Spahtens and we will help you along the way!!

spartan-finishHow has your racing changed because of the Spahtens?

Spahtens is really all I know. My first race was with NES and I wouldn’t want to change it. It was a perfect fit and no need to change something amazing.
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OCR Newbie – Battle Buddies!

I’m not sure if you caught the memo, but we have a lot of people coming to this little Spartan Race shindig this weekend.

A lot of people. Over both days, we’ll top over 300 folks.

Many of you will be regulars on the course with the team. Many of you will be running in the team heat with your own family, friends and co-horts. Some of you will be entirely solo.


Let me introduce you to the idea of a Battle Buddy.

Your Battle Buddy doesn’t have to be one person. You could have Battle Buddies.


These are the people who will stick with you on the course. These are the people who will push you over walls. These are the people who will share their stories with you, while you run, jog or walk through the trails.

In turn, they are the people that *you* will motivate to keep going when they’re done. You’ll give them a knee to help them over an obstacle. You’ll get friendly with their butt when you push them up something they didn’t believe they could do.

And you’ll share your life stories with them.


Your Battle Buddy may not be who you thought it would be when you started out either. You may find yourself left behind by your own friends, as they move on and run their own race. You may find yourself along side someone you’ve never met before.


But, we’re all Spahtens, and this is our time. Everyone you toe the line with is part of this community we’ve forged over the past year, and no matter how quick or slow they are – how much experience they’ve had – they all have had a Battle Buddy.

I joke that you’ll finish the race with 250+ of your new best friends – it’s really not a joke at all. Thats how many of us have become best friends … time on the trails, spent talking about life. A knee to get up a wall, or a shout of encouragement to get that last knot on the rope climb. Shared triumph when you do an obstacle you never thought possible, and muddy hugs when you cross the finish line.


So – when you line up for the start of the race this weekend, look around you. Look beyond your immediate friends and the people you brought with you. You’ll see someone your size. Your ability. Sharing the same injury, or with that same look of fear in their eyes that you feel.

As you start moving through the course, keep your eyes open – help each other, and when you find yourself naturally in lock step with someone – say hi, shake hands – you just met your new Battle Buddy, and maybe best friend, for life.