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Review : Massage by Beth at FitCon

1625629_10152409342289853_3233480784323707622_nThanks to Aaron Farb for the review below on Beth Jones’ massage services!

Many of us have been lucky enough to experience short massages or quick wound workout sessions from Beth Jones before or after races or at any other Spahten gathering.  After multiple days spent working on FIT Challenge, I managed to pull something in my hip and wasn’t sure I would be able to complete a wave if I ever had a moment to go out for one.  Thanks to a quick tuneup by Beth, I made my lap mostly pain free and felt good for the next few weeks, but the irritation soon returned, so I called Beth to set up a full work thru.

I have NEVER had a full massage – Beth’s quick treatment is the only massage therapy I’ve ever used – stretching, ice and foam rollers have always worked for me, until now.  I visited Beth at FitCon in Gardner – looks like quite the nice gym, think I’ll have to take advantage of Paul’s buddy pass sometime:)  A quick paperwork fill out and Beth got to work on me.  I don’t know if this is normal practice, but she was definitely careful to make sure she asked what the rest of my day was when choosing lotions to use – didn’t want me going to work feeling greasy.  Hop on the (heated!) table and starting up top, working down.  As anyone who’s chatted with her knows, Beth is easy to talk to, which in my opinion is pretty important to a massage therapist, would rather be able to chat than awkward silence for an hour.

The big areas where I felt major differences – shoulders – didn’t think I carried that much stress there, but definitely looser after.  Hip flexor was sore for a day, but much improved a few days later, not 100%, but much improved, and what I have always seen as IT band issues, seems to be more of an outer quad issue, so something I can work on more than tendon rubbing – always good news here!

Since Beth knows what idiotic things we do to our bodies over weekends, she knows what we frequently need work on without having to explain – somehow, I don’t think most massage therapists would quite understand our bruises and race season knees and know where to concentrate, let alone having to explain what we do for fun!

So, much improved feeling after, ran 2 races this weekend and was much improved on feeling stretched and loose to start – almost didn’t feel like I even needed a stretch!

And then the best part – Spahten discount! 1 hour session $50, which, as I said, I’m not someone to know massage rates, but everyone I asked said its a GREAT rate.

Beth is a great recovery tool that I’m very happy I finally took advantage of – we all need to make sure to do the same!

Rating: 5 star (amazing)

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Featured Athlete: Beth Jones

Beth crawling in mud


  • Name:

Beth Jones

  • What is your day job, and do you have other hobbies?:

By day, I’m an “uber-geek” – I analyze computer threats all day. I am also the chief chef in our house, a mom to a cute pre-schooler and two spoiled pugs. I also love to knit and crochet, particularly cuddly toys. I’m also a Crossfitter.

  • Age:


  • When did you start obstacle course racing? Tell us about your first race.:

I only started running/racing in 2012. I ran my first road race a bit before I ran my first OCR, Ruckus. I really wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it, but I had a great time doing it. It was the furthest I’d ever ran, so there was a REAL sense of accomplishment when I crossed that finish line. I’d only just started Crossfit, had (and still have) a bum shoulder, never saw a wall in my life, let alone the rest of it, but I still made it. I had two great guys help me to the end Paul and Paul Howes.

  • What was your biggest accomplishment at an obstacle course race? What made it your biggest accomplishment (overcame a fear, injury, disability etc?):

I feel like I overcome something at every race.  There’s the fear of the unknown, fear of damaging my shoulder (or something else) always in the back (or front sometimes) of my mind.  Every race I’ve done starts with fear. But I think the biggest accomplishment for me is doing all this with fibromyalgia. I hear so many people say that have fibro say they can’t do this or that, can’t exercise, etc. I am so thrilled to be with my fellow fibro Spahtens and prove the “conventional wisdom regarding fibro” wrong.

  • What attracts you to obstacle course races? Why do you keep coming back?:

It’s really all about pushing myself and my limits. I want to see how far I can go. My mind wants to give up long before my body. That omni-present negative voice that says “I can’t”. I have to keep proving that voice is a liar, so I don’t keep believing it like I used to.

  • What are your training and/or diet routines? Do you have other athletic pursuits?:

I train at Crossfit Wachusett 3-4 times a week. I’m also between 80-100% strict Paleo. Dark chocolate is a treat and you will pry coffee from my cold, dead hands. There’s also a definite soft spot for bacon and date balls.

  • Were you always athletic? If not, what athletic changes have you made to keep up the obstacle course race lifestyle?:

I was never an athlete. I was overweight as a kid, clumsy and awkward. I was in all accelerated/advanced classes in school, and of course we were always told smart kids weren’t athletes, and athletes weren’t smart.  By high school I was into full blown anorexia. Then went years of yo-yoing. It was finally when I hit 220lbs or so (I would never stand on a scale so no idea how big I was) that I did something about it. It’s taken several forms, dance, gym, Zumba and now Crossfit, but I am a long way away from that person. I can honestly say I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve been.

  • Who, alive or dead, would you invite to run an obstacle course race with you?:

Tough question. I already run with my best friend. I guess maybe my mom.

  • Tell us a fun fact about yourself that we may not know!:

I used to be a semi pro belly dancer.

  • What are your goals? Next race, next season … what’s in your future?:

This year I want to run more OCRs, of course. I would love to Trifecta this year. I also want to compete in some Crossfit competitions. And CMC (Civilian Military Combine) is definitely on the radar.