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Review: Quest 2L Hydration Pack

From: Amber Galindo

Review: So this was my second hydration pack after another pack didn’t fit me comfortably. I was able to go to a Dick’s Sporting Goods and try it on right in the store. The price point was great for me at $25 and I like that it has nice, thick back pack style straps.

I have now used this at almost every race I’ve run since I got it – even 5Ks simply because it is comfortable and does it’s job. It has extra storage in the front where I can keep gu, keys, phone, etc. for longer runs. It has mesh pockets on both sides, which is an easy place to put empty gu packets when on the course or when you pick up trash discarded by others. The mouth piece is very similar to the camelbak style, which I like. I has lots of adjustments that make it so it should fit just about anyone.

Given the price point of $25, frankly I can’t see how anything else in the price range could even compare. It has really served me well.

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