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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 9

fitchallengelogoThis episode is brought to you by FIT Challenge – check out their website for full information on their OCR and Trail series!

After a longer than normal break – Paul, Josh and Sandy are back. In episode 9 we talk about Tough Mudder – why Sandy is such a fan, and what happened during her two Tough Mudder weekend – and why Josh is scared to death of his first Tough Mudder coming up. We compare the way Tough Mudder has evolved to the way Spartan has, and answer the age old question, which is better, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race (disclaimer: we don’t really answer that question).

We cover the local races we attended during the summer break – Heart Challenge and Obstacle Adventures for kids, and answer some listener questions from Sara and Greg.

Lastly, we discuss a special episode devoted to the new TV shows – so listeners – would you like to hear such an episode? Let us know!

As usual – if you enjoy the show, let us know! Leave us a review wherever you are listening, leave us a comment or question – and thanks for tuning in!

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 4

In our fourth episode of the NE Spahtens Show – Paul, Josh and Sandy talk about the recent 2016 Citi Field and it’s success, Battlefrog and their lack of success, new Worlds Toughest Mudder rules and dig into the OCR World Championship Journeyman division.

We also answer a couple of excellent listener questions!

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Introducing: The NE Spahtens Show – Ep1


After several long road trips full of hilarity, many post race beers and drinks where we solve the problems of the OCR world, time and time again – I figured it was time someone took that type of conversation to a podcast.

So, welcome to episode one of the NE Spahtens Show.

Josh Chace, Sandy Rhee and myself – twice a month – will hop on the air, talk about what we’ve been up to, and have coming up – and bring a topic each to discuss. Our focus will always be OCR, and specifically, OCR as it relates to the New England region or the New England Spahtens.

We aim to keep these short, we aim to keep them entertaining – join us!

Do you have questions? We’ll answer them at the end of each show – leave them in the comments below (not Facebook, not messenger – just in the comments below) and next week we’ll pick a few and answer them!