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Arizona Spartan Sprint Review 2/9/2013


The second Spartan race of 2013 was held this weekend at the McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Spartan HQ changed the venue just a few weeks prior to the event for a “more challenging course”.  As a result, logistics also became more challenging due to a 30 mile ride to parking, a 25 minute bus ride (each way) to the venue, and a 45 minute wait to board a return bus.  It was time to STFU!
The 4.7 miles sprint meandered through single-file trails littered with loose rocks of all sizes. Flat ground was rare and there were two steep hill climbs both up and down. My knee-high socks protected my shins from the desert scrub brush and the brutally sharp gravel I encountered on the crawls. The 47 degree temperature chilled my FL bones once I became water-logged during the last mile.


  • Under/Over
  • Over Under Through
  • Concrete carry with 5 burpees (new to me)
  • Walls of 6′, 7′ & 8′
  • Log Hop (obstacle formerly known as Stump Traverse)
  • Monkey Bars
  • Pancake/Sandbag Carry (appeared shorter than expected)
  • Wall Traverse
  • Tractor Pull
  • Spear Throw (my only failed obstacle)
  • Rope Climb
  • Mud Mounds & Water Trenches
  • Cargo Net
  • Mud Crawl under barbed-wire (long on a bed of super sharp gravel)
  • Slippery Wall (no running start due to mud/water trench)
  • Fire Jump
  • Gladiators

I thoroughly enjoyed the desert terrain and panoramic views from the hilltops.  Cloudy skies and the cold temperatures were not ideal, but it’s part of the adventure.  Many obstacles had improved signage with descriptions.  The Reebok name was ubiquitous and omnipresent.  The festival area seemed a little tight and chaotic, but all the usual tents/booths were represented.  Bag check was a total mess.  It was drastically understaffed and many Spartans including me were permitted to retrieve their own.  Growing pains with volunteers at new venues are to be expected.

I’m looking forward to meeting NE Spahtens at the Miami Super, only 13 days away and 30 degrees warmer!



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Medal Holders!

Medal Holders are available for order – only $30 shipped direct!

These handsome wall plaques are 11″x7.25″ and made out of oak. The logo can be painted and then the wood is stained and sealed with two coats of poly.


3D rendering of the final design, in red

This is the final design – the major difference between this, and the renderings below are the state names – we had to remove them, as they just don’t transfer well to wood carvings

This is the back of the medal holder, with hanging hardware

This is what the back looks like

And this is the 9 peg hanger – a prototype, in black (with the old design)

These can be ordered through the Team Gear page – please use the notes to tell us if you want 5 or 9 peg options, and what color you would like the logo to be painted (any color is fine). They will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer – easy!

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Medal Holders

We Plaque are an OCR sourced company who make custom, awesome plaques and other wooden memoribilia – including these awesome medal holders.

They kindly mocked us up some examples of their medal holders, with our logo on it, and I’m trying to gauge interest in a bulk order.

They can be made in 5 or 9 peg versions, with any color logo (red, black and blue shown above), and should end up costing under $35 including shipping, depending on how many we order.

Interested? Just hit “yes” on the poll below. Questions? Leave a comment. In a few days we’ll finalize the amount of interest, and get a quote.