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Episode 15: Wicked Mud Run

wmrLogoWicked Mud Run is a local, entry level OCR doing lots of things right. Focusing on fun, they do offer a competitive 10k option, and fundraise for some very personal to the founders charities. This is also one of the newest entries to the #racelocal Grand Prix

Take a listen as I chat with Ray Thomson, co-founder of the series.

Learn more:

Also worth noting: This will be our final episode! But don’t worry, all the content will be merged into our other show, The NE Spahtens Show, and interviews with Race Directors and personalities will continue, but audio only. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get them!

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Episode 14: Brian Carney of Bonefrog Challenge!

Brian - picBrian is the Seal behind Bonefrog Challenge – his brain child and labor of love since 2012, Bone Frog provides something thats a bit tougher than your average OCR.

In this episode of, we talk about their humble beginnings, the roots of some of their signature obstacles, their breakout 2016 year and up and coming Georgia event and what the future holds for them.

We also tell you how to handle the Dirty Name obstacle without breaking your head 🙂

Audio Only:

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Episode 11: Heart Challenge

In this shorter than normal episode of, I talk to Elizabeth Perry of the American Heart Association – they have their annual race, the Heart Challenge coming up next weekend, and we had a chat about the event – one that she feels is a bit of reboot – and with the likes of Fred Smith and GameFace Media behind it this year, I agree!

There is still time to register! Registration closes at noon on Friday the 24th of June, and code NESPA2016 will get you $10 off. Race day registration is also available, but no discount codes! Heats start at 8:30am, and this is a #racelocal Grand Prix event, with options to run multiple laps available.

AHA have been nothing but receptive the entire time we’ve been speaking – make sure you check these guys out!

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Episode 6 – Lynn Hall of BoldrDash

Lynn visits the studio to talk about BoldrDash, and it’s new Winter offering coming up early March 2016 – we also discuss how a regional OCR handles fits in to the current drive for the OCR industry to go professional. And we tease Rhode Islanders a bit 🙂

Check out their race schedule, right here:

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Episode 4 – Eric Matta of Ultimate Obstacles

UltimateObstacleslogoUltimate Obstacles is a soon-to-open facility in West Boylston – owned by Eric Matta, long time New England Spahten. We get to sit down and chat during construction of the facility (and we’ll go back when they’re up and running!).

You want to watch the video of this interview – lots to show!

Audio only:

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