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Episode 21 – OCR World Championships, wrap up.

ep21promoIn episode 21, Paul talks to Adrian again – this time a few days after the OCR World Championships. We talk about what worked, what didn’t work – and how close Adrian came to saying “never again”. We also talk about 2017 and the big question – where will it be?

To wrap up, we talk about the International OCR Union – Adrian’s latest project with Amelia Boone and Carrie Connors.

Thanks for listening – we encourage you to share this to your OCR WC friends and new family, and we hope to see you in 2017!

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 20 – The OCR World Championship special

nespahtensshowsquare2In this very special recording – Paul, Josh and Sandy record in one place at the same time, and talk about the OCR World Championships. We’re recording together on Sunday evening after 4 races over 3 days – and we’re happily interrupted by Rachelanne, the athlete co-ordinator (and best hugger) of the weekend!

We talk about why OCRWC is a MUST do event for any OCR enthusiast – and why you should be there in 2017.

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode Nineteen

Take a listen as Paul, Josh and Sandy cover the past couple of weeks of New England OCR – talking about Rugged Maniacs return to Southwick, MA for the *7th* year in a row – why O2X is more than “just a trail race” and a special long segment discussing the upcoming OCR World Championships in Canada!

We also take listener questions from Chris, Greg and Rob – thanks guys!

Don’t forget to subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher, and leave us a review so others can find the show later! We also launched a dedicated Facebook page for the show, to track everything in one place – hit Like!

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Episode 18: Ragnar Relay


(To try and stop myself being so confused, all shows will now be numbered sequentially – this being Episode 18!)

Ragnar Relay is a huge hit in the road and trail running scene – and for good reason – they have a heavy focus on community and teams, and just get things done *right*. I’ve run 2 Cape Cod events now, with my third already registered and ready for 2017.

On this show, I was able to spend time with Steve Frazee – VP of Market Development at Ragnar – and we talk about why Ragnar is so popular, and why their events resonate with groups like ours so much more than a regular road or trail event does. We also talk about 2017, and some of the plans that I think you’ll want to hear …

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Episode 17: Adrian Bijanada

In this episode, Paul talks to Adrian, the man behind both OCR Gear and OCR World Championships. We discuss what kind of mindset you have to have to launch a world championship event with literally no experience, and all the fun and games associated with it.

We also get some sneak peaks into the course they’re building in Toronto for us in a few weeks, and what happens next.
If you enjoyed this show, please subscribe to the New England Spahtens podcast – you can find us in iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean – or over on Drop us a comment or leave us a review so we know you’re out there, and if oyu have any questions for The NE Spahtens Show, let myself, Josh or Sandy know!

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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 13

nespahtensshow-finalIn this Killington Beast special, Paul, Josh and Sandy are joined by Jeff Wohlen – and we talk about Killington. What was the competitive Beast wave like? The Sprint on Sunday? The Ultra Beast? What was it like to spectate?

During the show we mention the hysterical gondola ride down – and you need to listen to it to appreciate it – warning, bad language ahead 🙂

We also answer a couple of questions from Greg – about obstacles at Spartan vs Tough Mudder, and our future as a social club. Lastly, Sandy got a new microphone! Yay!


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Episode 16: Wreck Bag

Wreck Bag LogoThis episode we talk to Lindsay from Wreck Bag – she’s the sale director for Lindon Group, the brain trust behind the Wreck Bag concept. We talk about the inspiration behind Wreck Bag, and their awesome rise in OCR to date – we talk about the product, the associated products, and where they go next.

Note: This is the first episode in the interview series where we don’t record a video alongside this, so we’re going to drop the link and branding. If you’re reading this, and listening to the show, you’re in the right place!

Want to learn more about Wreck Bag, or talk to them about getting Wreck Bag at your event? Check them out.

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Episode 15: Wicked Mud Run

wmrLogoWicked Mud Run is a local, entry level OCR doing lots of things right. Focusing on fun, they do offer a competitive 10k option, and fundraise for some very personal to the founders charities. This is also one of the newest entries to the #racelocal Grand Prix

Take a listen as I chat with Ray Thomson, co-founder of the series.

Learn more:

Also worth noting: This will be our final episode! But don’t worry, all the content will be merged into our other show, The NE Spahtens Show, and interviews with Race Directors and personalities will continue, but audio only. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to get them!

Audio only:

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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 12

nespahtensshow-finalEpisode 12 of The NE Spahtens show covering the recent demise of Battlefrog, along with two very popular events, the Ragnar Relay Trail series, and Runzilla!

We also talk about the upcoming CMC and Killington Beast (join team NE Spahtens!), and any lessons Josh has learned from his Montreal Ultra adventures, as he gears up for an Ultra on Killington.
As always, we take listener questions at the end.

Are you listening? Leave us a like, a comment, a question for the show – we appreciate iTunes reviews, which help us spread the word too.

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Episode 14: Brian Carney of Bonefrog Challenge!

Brian - picBrian is the Seal behind Bonefrog Challenge – his brain child and labor of love since 2012, Bone Frog provides something thats a bit tougher than your average OCR.

In this episode of, we talk about their humble beginnings, the roots of some of their signature obstacles, their breakout 2016 year and up and coming Georgia event and what the future holds for them.

We also tell you how to handle the Dirty Name obstacle without breaking your head 🙂

Audio Only: