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Project Repat

If there’s one thing we all have an abundance of, it’s race T Shirts. From finisher shirts, to race venue specific shirts – promo shirts, volunteer shirts … we’ve got lots of shirts.

Enter Project Repat. They’re a Fall River, MA based company that aim to repatriate textile jobs from overseas back to the US – and they do that by taking your shirts and turning them into quilts of various sizes – even pillows from single shirts!

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 8.02.22 AM

From a lap sized square, to a King sized sheet – if you have enough shirts, they’ll make them for you. Even cooler, they’re offering the New England Spahtens a 30% off discount code – nespahtens


A bunch of Spahtens have already used Project Repat, and love their results – so with 2016 on the horizon, clear your closets, start fresh, and get yourself a nice T Shirt quilt full of memories!