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Who is ready to race?

The warm sun, the gentle breeze, the mud; cooling off in the water after tackling a grueling course in the heat of the summer.  Congratulating yourself for a race well run with an iced cold beer.

Boy, it’s going to be amazing when race season comes back around!

Except, around these parts, we didn’t get the memo of race season requiring warm sun and a gentle breeze.  On Sunday, January 31st the 2016 #racelocal Grand Prix kicks off in earnest with Blizzard Blast!

BB tree

When you sign up for Blizzard blast, make sure you use the following team name: NE Spahtens. We’ve got your hook up for 15% off, at check out pop in NES15.  Boom, saving cake!  We’ll be rolling in one of three waves, 12:30, 12:45 and 1:00. Right now, until this Friday (1/8) the price is $64.  $64!!!!  I mean, holy ___.  A kickin’ race, amaze-ball obstacles, more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a sled in a blizzard, and a medal you won’t want to take off!

#racelocal 2016 is the year we get the whole family involved!  Do you have kids who have always wanted to run with you?

BB kegsThe minimum age for this one is 14.  If you think you have what it takes to keep up with your super star, make sure they are signed up as well!

Blizzard Blast has some of the most innovative, challenging, and fun obstacles you’ll find…on top of the fact that it’s an OCR in the winter.  I mean, right?!?  Let that sink in for a minute. You don’t have to wait until spring or summer, and your kids get to run with you.

It’s time to get serious, and it’s time to race, and it’s time to get the family involved!

Have you registered for the 2016 #racelocal yet?  Have you seen the 2016 medal?  Ooooooh,  you haven’t?

rl medal


Those eyes, tho. Right?!

Your first race gets you this badass medal.  And, here is the thing…every year this happens after Blizzard Blast:

Pictures of the event get posted and people get massive FOMO.  “Those obstacles look super cool, why didn’t I know about that race?”  Then the pictures of people’s medals start hitting on line…

Don’t be left out.

#racelocal.  Blizzard Blast.  It all starts…now.


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A special race …

This weekend, members of the team are flying, driving or walking to VA to race in the Super distance Spartan Race – but locally, we’ve got a special race going on.


Robb McCoy has been working on his baby, the FIT Challenge, for a while now. Very smartly, he got involved with the local OCR community early, and started running races with us, meeting people – and making friends.


As a result, FIT Challenge is hosting it’s first race this weekend – and Robb is going to see 1,100 racers crossing his Start line – way more than he expected, and way more than many established local races get to see – ever.

The reason this race will be a success, when other local races struggle – the local OCR community has been involved. We’re a fan of both the race, the people behind the race and the cause of the race. We’re invested in a way I’ve not seen before, and we’re supporting someone who took the time to become a friend to the community, rather than just a service provider.The New England Spahtens will be making up a large percentage of that – we’re bringing over 70 runners – and Robb has given us our own team wave at 11:15. Established an elite heat first thing in the AM. We’re bringing his Zumba warmup instructor, the first ever Prom Gown wave (bring your camera … this’ll be … interesting) – and we’ve collaborated and worked with him for a couple of weeks now, supplying course runners, layout planning, obstacle guidance.

If you’re a local race director, and want some of this – come see me at FIT Challenge, and support another local race.

Tomorrow, almost 100 of us run FIT Challenge. See you there!