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Review: Salomon quicklace replacement kit

salamonThank you to Mike Downey for this great review!!

I was having an issue with the quick-lace lock system on my shoe not holding tight so I scanned the net for options on replacement.

Salomon uses a very thin lace for their shoe and the eyelets do not leave much room for space; so I opted to go OEM on this repair. You can purchase the laces from the link above for $10.00 and currently no shipping charges (bonus) with quiet a few color options if you want to jazz them up. Only took 3 days for me to get the kit and it comes with everything you will need minus tools.

Use this video to help explain step by step on how to install since the kit works for 2 different lacing styles .

My biggest issue was the eyelets on the shoes were very tight fit for the lace so it took some stretching  (I used a wood skewer) to open up the hole and slide the lace through. After that just follow the video step by step and you should be done. Total time took me about 30 mins because of trying to stretch the eyelets open enough to get the laces in.

Rating: 4 star (good)

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Reebok All Terrain / Salomon Fellraisers / Icebug Spwider OLX

I recently received a pair of the new Reebok All Terrain shoes – and wanted to give a video walk through of the shoe and compare it to a pair of Salomon Fellraisers and my current favorites, Icebug Spwider OLX

Apologies for the black video in the last two minutes – audio is fine.

A quick Pro and Con list – from my entirely subjective opinion and experience!

terrain_2Reebok Pro’s

Light weight
OCR specific
Good grip
Water venting
Good sole protection

Reebok Con’s

Too light for some
Durability (remains to be seen)
Not available yet



SALFELR-1Salomon Pro’s

Structured shoe

Salomon Con’s





icebu523493_243478_jbIcebug Pro’s


Icebug Con’s

Water retention