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New Schwag

Schwag update!

Akuma shirts are with Jess, and while many of us had the chance to pick them up on Friday at GoRuck – the remaining shirts will see the inside of the Post Office today. As usual, they look awesome. As usual, Jess is owed her beverage of choice at the next race for co-ordinating, processing and handling this rather large order for the team!

Yes, there will be another shirt order. No, we don’t know when. There will be a casual shirt order before that happens, so keep your eyes peeled on the community page!

However, there are other options to show your Spahten pride with a 1″ silicon wrist band – or a magnet for your car / fridge / steel plated skull. go check the “Team Gear” menu. We’ve also integrated PayPal buttons for check out – you can pay with credit directly now, and no PayPal requirements!

1" Silicon bands
1″ Silicon bands

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Casual T Shirt order being placed!

You’ve clamored, we’ve heard. Time to order new shirts. We get it. Stop shouting, already :p

This time, we’re ordering casual shirts that will be comfortable enough to wear with your favorite jeans on the weekend, but technical enough you can wear them to the gym or box.

We’ve gone for a simple design (huge thanks to Mike McKenzie for this!), big and bold on the front, and available in multiple colors. Also – Women’s fit! Hooded T’s!

These shirts are sourced and produced locally, right here in New England, so turn around times and shipping costs will be minimal – as a result, the first order will be open until Friday the 18th of January – but there will be follow up orders if you miss this.

All the details and ordering can be found right here:

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Team Gear: A review.

First off, it must be said.  The team Jersey:  WOW!!!  I am so freaking impressed by the color blended logo and personalization.   The logo, it goes without saying, is a home run out of any park.  Including Yellowstone.  Mike MacKenzie’s design is so tight, so professional it really just sets the tone and pace for everything to come.

Personally I’m about 5’9″ and about 190 lbs.  I fall more on getting fit than actually fit but still I opted for a medium Jersey.  Its a four way stretch material, supple and very comfortable.  True flat seams and ample neck room add to the comfort of the wear.  For my size I found the medium a little snug but not constricting.  Although I might have opted for a large I don’t know that it would make a huge difference.  The shirts design appears to intend for a snug fit.  The shirt is an interesting and purposeful cut.  Broader at the shoulder, trim through the torso/midsection, and a slight flare at the bottom.  I have read reviews about how the material is a much heavier weave than Under Armor.  This is true however I think much heavier is a bit of a reach.  It is heavier but only because it is intended as outer wear and not “under” wear.  I can’t wait to get a race under my belt in it.  This is a great shirt, and even though it looks like a show piece shirt it certainly begs to get muddy and wet.

Tech shirt, T-shirt, and Hoodie.  I had used someone’s suggestion to go a size down.  I don’t think this was a wise decision.  I typically wear a large.  On some specific Tech and T-shirts I can get away with a medium but not on a sweatshirt. For the Team Gear I would say order your regular size.  The Sweat shirt is nice.  A good weight for post race.  Not terribly heavy.  I have washed everything once.  I dared not dry the cotton sweatshirt and t-shirt for fear of shrinkage.  The embroidery is spot on!  It showcases very well and is very discernible as the team logo.  I might have liked to see it a little larger, or the Akuma logo a bit smaller.  I don’t have any issue with the Akuma logo on it.  I’ve seen enough real Football to understand sponsor saturation on a shirt.

The tech shirt was my only disappointment.  I loved the subtle mock collar instead of a a standard crew neck.  The color panels were excellent.  Again I might have liked blue with red panels instead of gray just to keep with the Team Jersey color scheme.  The shirt is only a two way stretch. So its more snug than I would like for the cut of the shirt. Had I purchased a large instead of a medium this wouldn’t even be an issue. I think the Tech top is an excellent all around athletic shirt and top notch for racing.

The t-shirt is a t-shirt.  I didn’t find the quality excellent but its fair.  The embroidery again, excellent.  And again my poor choice in sizing makes it a little more snug than I would prefer.  In the future I would like to see the Sweatshirt and T-shirt with a silk screened logo as opposed to embroidery but that is a personal style preference and nothing against the products.

I’m very interested to see how these shirts hold up over time, washing, shrinking, and racing.   Im quite confident that the Jersey will stand up.  Im positive the rest will too.  In the future I hope some personalization can be done to the Sweats, Tees and Techs.  Maybe even in time some Polos and trainer pants and racing shorts.

A huge thank you to Jessica for making this happen.  To Mike for the unbelievable designs, in marketing its all visuals and branding these are the strongest images I’ve seen.  If I were at a race and saw this shirt I’d buy one for sure.  To Paul for pushing and pushing.  And to Michael for his input and effort with Akuma.  Great things come from small beginnings.  Heres to great racing, great representing and building the best OCR team in the Northeast.

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Team Jones Akuma shirts arrive

People are wondering what they will get when they order the NE Spahten drill shirts – after all, they are quite a bit more expensive than the tech shirts …

They are worth every penny. These things are a much heavier fabric, with a much higher quality feel to them than I’ve ever seen on a shirt. The fit is more like a compression, or fitted shirt than a normal, casual top – but you should order your normal size, or you run the risk of it simply being too baggy. The fitted area is around the torso – not around your arms / shoulders – it is definitely a compression fit, not “just too small” and ordering up won’t get you much.

This is my wife, Beth – wearing a long sleeved version, in a size S. For reference, she is 5’5″, 130lbs. The silk screening on these shirts is awesome – this isn’t going to come off in the wash, folks!

This is my bald self. The back can be customized with your name, nickname, Ninja number … this is the short sleeved version. For reference, I am wearing the XL size, and am 6′ and 215lbs.

There are more photos on the Facebook community CLICK HERE and as more of these hit peoples backs, there will be more photos to come, I’m sure.

I can’t wait to get a bunch of us at a race in them together!