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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 35

Episode 35! Paul, Sandy and Josh jumped on a last minute, late night Friday recording to talk about Tough Mudder becoming timed, about the latest national and international governing bodies trying to take OCR (coughSpartancough) to the Olympics – and the final nail in the coffin for Battlefrog. Please, stick around through the initial confusion as Josh tries to Live Stream a recorded Podcast – with predictable results :p

Some handy links, if you want to learn more about Team USA and USAOCR and their Olympic bid, (which is not the same as USOCR or USOCRChamps or ORF or IORU – we try to explain on the show, it’s confusing) – check out this Sports Illustrated article – – and read more over at Tim Sinnet’s Race Sherpa page –

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 32

Episode 32!

Today we talk Top Golf! About Tough Mudder – the recently aired show, their Toughest rules changes and when Sandy will sign up for Worlds Toughest Mudder. We also talk about Spartan Race and their season pass woes, Battlefrog’s final death knoll as Urban Trials – and the next events on our calendars, Cupids Undie Run, BoldrDash and The Endurance Society’s Snowshoe festival.

As always, we answer a few reader questions at the end, and encourage everyone to subscribe – hit like – leave a comment and generally make some noise and let us know you’re listening – we do this for you, so your feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 31

The 2017 race season has started! In episode 31 Paul, Sandy and Josh talk about the recent Blizzard Blast event (Featured Review here), the upcoming Polar Bear Challenge and the #racelocal program

We also talk about the end of an era, with Tough Guy having it’s 30th year – and final – event this weekend in the UK. Check out the video, it’s pretty amazing to watch.

We have a larger than usual batch of listener questions to run through – thanks to Vincent4Vega4, Marie O’Keefe, Michael Braniff, Ben Millina, Flux and Amy LaPanne for those!

And we round out the show with Josh covering the latest in Spartan Race’s T Shirt obsession. You can read more about that here, too.

See you all at Polar Bear Challenge next weekend!

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Episode 29 – Shale Hill

It’s been almost exactly a year since we last spoke to Shale Hill – fresh off winning the best fixed OCR venue award from Mud Run Guide (again!), Jill joins me on the show to talk about what they have coming up for their 2017 season.

First up, we talk about Polar Bear Challenge. Their signature event – this 8 hours, as many laps as you can race is one of my personal favorite events on the New England OCR calendar every year – and they’re already putting in more obstacles and preparing the all day buffet!

Want to run with us? Join team NE Spahtens and use code “NES15” to get 15% off! Find more info right here.

Next, we talk a bit about their summer plans – many have heard the rumor of a weekend long OCR festival, and Jills lets us in on some of the details (and more is to come, of course) – with a ton of different race formats, it looks like this will be a “must do” for any OCR enthusiast and their families – if you’re not in the New England region, start saving your travel budget now 😉 They plan on offering everything from 72h endurance events, to a simple 1m relay race – and a kids course for the first time. I’ll see you guys there 🙂

Big thanks to Jill for joining us!

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 28

Welcome to the first episode of 2017!

In episode 28, Josh, Sandy and Paul cover a wide range of current affairs in OCR – everything from new local OCRWC qualifiers, to the holiday OCR TV shows. We discuss the plans for Spartan Race’s Biggest Team program this year, and take a look at Warrior Dash’s new obstacles and medals.

We cover a whole bunch of things 🙂

MudRunGuide’s article on Warrior Dash:

We also answer a bunch of listener questions from Reddit and Facebook.


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The NE Spahtens Show – a how to!

The NE Spahtens Show is now a year old – and we try to bring you the best in OCR news and views, and interviews with the people behind your favorite race brands.

We’ve had breaking news stories – most recently getting Savage Race to New England.

But, we’ve never sat down and given you a “how to” for subscribing to the show, to make sure you get the latest content as soon as it’s available.

Subscribing to a Podcast is actually really easy – but there are a variety of ways to do it depending on your listening habits.

So, here’s a short “How to” to help you join Paul, Sandy and Josh on The NE Spahtens Show, automatically and easily.

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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 26

As we round out the 2016 season, we took this last show to talk about some of the big changes that happened in the New England Spahtens community – from our formation as a 501(c)(7), and paid memberships – to the end of the 2016 #racelocal season, and some teasers for whats coming in the 2017 season (and a bit of a recap, if you don’t know much about #racelocal)

We’re nothing without your feedback! Please hop on over to iTunes and leave us a review – it gets the word about our show out more. As one recent comment said, “This is one of my favorite podcasts” – thank you for your support!

Show archive:

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Episode 24 – Fall FIT Challenge

fitmedalOn this episode, we drag Robb McCoy away from building FIT Challenge and check in – this coming weekends FIT Challenge is hotly anticipated as the closure to the 2016 OCR season here in New England, and he has something for everyone – from multi-laps, elite waves with mandatory obstacle completion, open waves and a rock solid kids course, put on by PursuEventures, who have been guests on the show before.

Robb also tells us about the new ways you can qualify for OCR World Championships at FIT, and why he put $1,000 cash challenges out there if you can beat 40 minutes on his course – will this be you?

As always, subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher – leave us feedback so we know you’re out there – let us know what you think!

And, I’ll see you at FIT.

ps. check out this badass medal!

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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode Twenty Three

nespahtensshowsquare2In episode 23, we tell you how to get 50% off a shopping trip at Reebok HQ, who’s in #racelocal 2017 so far, a bit about our annual Rucksgiving – and then move onto a chat about the recent very cold Bonefrog Challenge. Despite our promise not to talk about OCRWC again, they went and announced a venue and date, so we cover that off – promise, we’re done for now (until they do something else cool …)

Lastly, some listener questions!

We LOVE to hear from you – please, get in touch with a comment, an email or a review on iTunes – you can find our episode archive (new!) right here.

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Episode 22 – O2X

o2x-logo-ep22O2X quickly established themselves as something very unique in the trail / endurance market – holding base to summit races that were way more than just the race itself. With a unique destination event feel, and a huge draw the evening before the race itself – over the last three years they’ve become a solid favorite for people looking for something a little different. More recently, they’ve been establishing their brand as something more than a simple race experience – holding workshops for physical and mental training workshops, with a focus on first responders.

In this episode we learn more about both the race (with an announcement of the 2017 venue!) and the other aspects of the O2X brand that may not be so apparent.