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MuckFestMS is here! The first big event of the 2013 spring season, and we have the biggest team!


Keep track of the fun by tweeting with #nesmuck, and if you’re sitting at home, dry and clean, following along with the muddy fun right here!

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Going Social!

To avoid confusion, lets go over the various places the New England Spahtens is hanging out these days.

The first, and best place for anyone interested in the New England Spahtens should visit is right on our website –

To get involved, join our Facebook Group –

We are also on Twitter –

and we have a Facebook Page –

The latter two places are going to primarily be a spot for the Blog content to get shared – so if you’re interested in what we have to say, Like them both, and you’ll stay up to date 🙂

The New England Spahtens community is growing!