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The numbers of #racelocal

racelocalThis is the second year we’ve held the #racelocal Grand Prix, and this is definitely our biggest year yet.

Here are some of the stats behind it, to date.

At it’s core – we encourage – and bribe – runners and participants to attend high quality, local obstacle course races – putting their entry $ into the local OCR economy, and driving the quality of other OCRs up, in an effort to get in on the Grand Prix.

It’s been wildly successful – more than we anticipated!

11143140_10153385770643338_3061897711170085659_nOver 200 people have registered.
188 of them have ran at least one race so far, and earned their #racelocal 2015 medal, and 89 T Shirts are on your backs already (for 3 races) – 27 of you have hit 5 races and have one of our badass trucker caps and a swag bag.

Our Wreck Bag Mileage Challenge – with prizes for the most mileage logged during the Grand Prix term – has wracked up 3069 miles, in total – and we’re only 8 races in.

No one has managed to do all 8, due to conflicts in dates for two – but 4 dedicated people have managed to do 7 events, and 10 have managed to rack up 6 races.

Blizzard Blast, our first race, had the most #racelocal attendance, at 139 people with FIT Challenge right behind it at 121 people. We made up 20% of the field at Polar Bear Challenge.

Wreck Bag LogoWe’re encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone, and run multiple laps at events thanks to sponsorship from Wreck Bag – with race directors catching on quick and making the process of running multiple laps as smooth and quick as possible.

racelocalmedalBone Frog Challenge saw an average of 10.25 miles per #racelocal athlete, and Polar Bear was next, with 6.7 miles per person – and by charging just $10 per lap, Wason Pond Pounder was able to wrack up an additional $500 on nothing but multiple lap costs alone for their charities! Zombie Charge next weekend is giving their $10 multi-lap fee to the Boys and Girls club – a natural progression of the Grand Prix that we LOVE to see!

We’ve awarded 1301 points so far, with the top three at the end of the year winning cash prizes – and those are almost exactly evenly split between male and female athletes, but the men had 400 miles more logged than the ladies.

The Grand Prix is underway – you’re already too late to get in on it in 2015, but watch this space for 2016 information to come!


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Review: Wreck Bag

rsz_jeff_wreckFor those of you at FIT Challenge this past weekend you already know what a Wreck Bag is. You either love them or they were the bane of your existence on one of the most brutal carries up and down a hill on the course. I’m pretty sure most of you love them though, right? I mean, Kevin from Unleashed carried two of the 50lb Wreck Bags when I saw him out on the course, if that’s not love than?

Wreck Bags are the brain child of the folks at Lindon Fitness, a locally owned and operated company. They come in two sizes, the 25lb Wreck Bag or the 50lb bag. They were definitely more convenient as far as being able to carry them, more so than just a pancake, mainly because they have straps. Because they are long they sit comfortable on your back and shoulders, mighty convenient!

Not only were the bags there on the course but they had a tent in the vendor area. There were folks there to show you ways to incorporate them into your exercise routine. A little birdie told me that one of our own is working on some workouts for Lindon using these bags, yeah Spahten’s leading the way!!

wrecknateYesterday I crushed a short workout with my 25lb bag and today I am feeling it. I did some high intensity interval training, including squats, thrusters, military presses and a few more. I love it’s versatility. The only negative is I see the 25lb bag becoming light very quickly. I’m not a huge gym guy lately, and do most of my workouts and runs at home, so the 25lb will do the job as most of what I do is body weight stuff, but maybe a 50lb would come in handy at some point.

If you have not seen a Wreck bag, or put your digits on one, now is the time! They are priced extremely well at $30 for the 25lb bag and $50 for the 50lb one. The price per pound is hard to beat. Like I said already, they are extremely versatile and I can’t wait to see what comes out as far as routines and exercises to do with them. I mean, it’s not hard to figure out what to do with them, but it’s going to fun to do some thigns that might be outside of the box. Check out Wreck Bag at and support and awesome local company who is really awesome at getting in touch quick-like!!