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Team Jones Akuma shirts arrive

People are wondering what they will get when they order the NE Spahten drill shirts – after all, they are quite a bit more expensive than the tech shirts …

They are worth every penny. These things are a much heavier fabric, with a much higher quality feel to them than I’ve ever seen on a shirt. The fit is more like a compression, or fitted shirt than a normal, casual top – but you should order your normal size, or you run the risk of it simply being too baggy. The fitted area is around the torso – not around your arms / shoulders – it is definitely a compression fit, not “just too small” and ordering up won’t get you much.

This is my wife, Beth – wearing a long sleeved version, in a size S. For reference, she is 5’5″, 130lbs. The silk screening on these shirts is awesome – this isn’t going to come off in the wash, folks!

This is my bald self. The back can be customized with your name, nickname, Ninja number … this is the short sleeved version. For reference, I am wearing the XL size, and am 6′ and 215lbs.

There are more photos on the Facebook community CLICK HERE and as more of these hit peoples backs, there will be more photos to come, I’m sure.

I can’t wait to get a bunch of us at a race in them together!

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