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Team store update!

Our store has been around for a few years now, and many of you have used it for everything from pre-ordering a new drill shirt, to picking up a ticket to the latest team social.

It’s easy to use. It’s simple to navigate – and PayPal makes the checkout process really really easy.

But one thing that everyone likes, is savings. So we’re giving you some.

For every $1 you spend in the store, we are now giving you a mud-buck.
For every 100 mud-bucks you have in your account, you get $5 off your next purchase.

The system works automatically – and there are a couple of limitations (you can’t discount virtual items, like tickets or registrations for example) – when you check out, it will tell you what you can redeem, and what you have banked.

And in our never ending quest to support the local OCR scene, and bring you the coolest gear out there, we now offer Shale Hill, Sinergy Sports and FIT Challenge merchandise – check out the latest products, right here:

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