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Teaser: F.I.T. Challenge 2014
Had a fantastic morning at World War I Park in North Attleboro with Robb McCoy (the mastermind behind F.I.T. Challenge) and my son, Alex. We got to run/ jog the adult course and drumroll…. kids course! From what I understand, the kids race will be open for registration very soon, we of course will make an announcement on the page when it is!

The adult course is going to be absolutely amazing and will test your endurance. It is a great mix of running and will have plenty of obstacles, both man-made and provided by Mother Nature. Expect at times to be completely drained, yet continually pushed to tap into your energy reserves. There are hills, and more hills. But there are also great stretches for the runners to gain some speed. Don’t become complacent though, because as promised, there will be obstacles. Right when you think you’re gaining some great speed, there will be something to slow you down. That said, the course will be enjoyable by athletes of all experience levels.

The kids course will be equally amazing! There are already two parks inside the venue, and one of them will have a couple things brought into the kids course. They will face hills, smaller one’s of course, stairs, slides, mud, walls… The kids are going to love this! I brought along Alex to maybe chime in from time to time and give Robb an idea or two. At the end of our session Robb named Alex the official Kids Race Director, haha! Made his day to say the least. Robb really wanted to reach out to kids on this race. There will not only be a race for them but he has plans for some cool things in one of the parks by the festival area that is friendly for kids of all ages. Did I mention they have a zoo on site?

Speaking of festival areas, he is doing things completely right. It will be accommodating not only for runners but for family and spectators. There will be vendors galore. You can, and it is highly recommended, bring your own food. All around the park there are grills and stuff. Make a day out of it, pack a picnic and enjoy time with an ever-growing OCR community.

If for some reason you are on the fence about it, this is one of the local races you HAVE to do! I am extremely excited about it and cannot wait, 35 MORE DAYS!!

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  1. Very excited little nervous but ready to give it my all!!

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