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The Great Bull Run






The minds behind Rugged Maniac ( announced a new event series – and it’s causing quite the stir.

The Great Bull Run


The Great Bull Run ( is modeled after the famous run in Pamplona, Spain – the one where thousands of people line the streets, and angry, aggressive bulls stampede and run through them – participants have to run, climb, hide or otherwise avoid being gored and stamped to the dirt.

The bulls are then put into a bull fight to their death, and participants throw tomatoes at each other.

The Great Bull Run wants to emulate this, but with a decidedly “American” flavor.

  • The 12 bulls they plan on using are actually fairly gentled, non – aggressive animals.
  • The course is planned, lined with fences to go under or over, and little alcoves to hide in, and participants are walked the length of the course first.
  • The bulls are not put to the death afterwards (phew).
  • You’ll be killing a small rainforest with the wavers you’ll have to sign.

As you can imagine (and as is the original series) this has already proven controversial. On my little slice of Facebook alone, I’ve seen people sign up for this, and I’ve seen people pull out of all Rugged Maniac events entirely. Quite the polarizing reaction to something I’m sure Rugged Maniac thought would be a fun, niche event.

On a personal level, I equate this with the deplorable act of dancing circus animals, and don’t plan on supporting it beyond this simple blog post.

But how does this sit with you? Do you think Rugged Maniac has dropped the ball on this, or will they find an undeveloped niche event, and tap into a new market? Drop us a comment.


— update 3/28/13

Rugged Maniac have since updated their status to say they are not associated with or owned by (or own) the company putting on The Great Bull Run – they were simply trying to get work out about a new race series put on by “some good people”

10 thoughts on “The Great Bull Run

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  2. What’s the discount code?

  3. Says they have a staff veterinarian…A 1/4 mile jog for the bulls, I think they’ll be fine. It’s the people you have to be worried about…there is no such thing as a gentle bull

  4. Totally Against

  5. 1/4 mile no thanks for even $5. put a non-aggressive animal in a stressful situation and see how non-aggressive it stays.

  6. Add me to the “no longer supporting Rugged Maniac nor any of their events” list. Animal exploitation for human entertainment. Despicable.

  7. Maybe I'm just one of those "crazy animal people" but I'm not a fan of using animals in potentially dangerour situations (for them) for our own amusement. Same reason I don't go to the circus. Seems like a poorly thought out ploy to get more money and I don't like it. Sorry but this is a definite NO and a definite reason not to sign up for Rugged in the future.

  8. Poorly thought out, I think. My first reaction was that if you want to do this, why do a watered-down, American version? Save your money and go to the real thing. I do agree that there are some serious cruelty issues as well…

  9. According to their FB page, this will be a roughly 1/4 mile run.

    Prices range from $40 to $120 for that… ouch.

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