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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 2

Paul, Sandy and Josh catch up and talk about Obstacle Course Racing in New England – from Civilian Military Combine (listen to our interview!) to the Wild Rover three race series.

Our topics of the week include recent stories of people suing race brands after diving into shallow water and breaking their necks, why Reebok just got behind Ragnar Relay and what you can do when you’re social media feed is blowing up with friends requests and OCR – inspired by a post from Jeff Cain.

We also answer listener questions – thanks to Eric Pharo!

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2 thoughts on “The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 2

  1. I have a question for the show! On episode one, you were discussing some of the longer endurance events people are getting more involved with. (Ex. The 24 hour BattleFrog race or 24 Hours of Shale Hell.) As people with jobs, families, and other interests, how are you training for races like this? What sorts of training plans do you follow? How are you doing your endurance training — is it all running or it is more about strength? How long are your long workouts? How long are your workouts during the week? Basically, tell me everything about how you’re training for a race that’s super super long. Thanks!

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