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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 3

On episode 3 of the NE Spahtens Show – Paul, Sandy and Josh talk about obstacle course training facilities after attending the rather successful launch of Eric Matta’s new Ultimate Obstacles in West Boylston – and the project to track and support more obstacle course facilities in the New England region. Sandy talks about the upcoming Memorial Day social, and how best to approach the NES community when you’re new – and Josh brings up #kickgate, the move by Spartan HQ to ban the kicking of bells on obstacles that caused far more uproar than it really should have.

We also answered Nicole “Famous” Sibley’s question about training for endurance events, with the help of Josh Grant and Steve Rodericks.

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  1. Another great podcast guys! You covered a lot of topics and shared good info! Loving this!

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