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The NE Spahtens Show: Episode 35

Episode 35! Paul, Sandy and Josh jumped on a last minute, late night Friday recording to talk about Tough Mudder becoming timed, about the latest national and international governing bodies trying to take OCR (coughSpartancough) to the Olympics – and the final nail in the coffin for Battlefrog. Please, stick around through the initial confusion as Josh tries to Live Stream a recorded Podcast – with predictable results :p

Some handy links, if you want to learn more about Team USA and USAOCR and their Olympic bid, (which is not the same as USOCR or USOCRChamps or ORF or IORU – we try to explain on the show, it’s confusing) – check out this Sports Illustrated article – – and read more over at Tim Sinnet’s Race Sherpa page –

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