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The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 7

13318690_10208796749332746_1827979539_nWe recently published a review of Callan Grant’s 33 mile experience at Infinitus. Callan is just 8 years old, but wiser and more inspiring than many 8 year olds will ever be.

So we asked him to be on the show. For 30 minutes Josh, Sandy and Paul talk to Callan and Josh Grant about their Infinitus experience – what goes through an 8 year olds mind? Will he do it again? What was his favorite treat at the finish line? and we ask his Dad – Why? How does an 8 year old end up on a serious endurance event like Infinitus?

Next up, we recap Bone Frog Challenge, recently held in the mountains of Western MA, and cover the up coming Spartan Sprint event a little. Some listener questions, and we round things out with reminders of the cool stuff we’ve got going on.

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