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The Spartan Race FAQ for NE Spahtens


It’s about to be silly season for Spartan Race – with many of their New England events in pre-registration, the VT Beast/Sprint opening up, we’re getting the ball rolling on the circus that is the New England Spartan Race season.

As a community, having a good showing at these events has become pretty common, and Spartan HQ try to reward these showings in a few small ways – with just a little co-ordination, we can have an even better than normal experience.

Of course, a little co-ordination is an understatement when we’re dealing with 1800 (and counting) community members, so here’s a few pointers, and a few frequently asked questions to help you during registration.

When registering:

  • Your first click should be the Spartan Race ad on – this provides the community with a couple of dollars, and helps keep the lights on. You’ll find this on the right hand side, and it’s appreciated.
  • You should always join (or START) team “NE Spahtens”.
  • You should NOT worry about your heat or wave.

Read on.

Why join the team? What if I already have my own team?


Joining team NE Spahtens means you are showing Spartan Race that you are an OCR enthusiast, and you’ll be making lots of new friends. In New England we typically have the largest team showing which results in a team tent (which gives us a great staging point and bag drop) and inevitably our own team wave.

If you have your own team already registered, moving your team to NE Spahtens benefits you all – you get the tangible benefits of the tent and reserved wave, but you also get to meet new friends, run the course with enthusiasts and generally improve your overall experience. Spartan HQ can help you move your folks easily enough.

If you forgot to pick a team, it’s easy to switch. Simply visit and login – find your registration and you can move to team NE Spahtens.

What about my wave? I need to run early/elite/confirmed. What wave should I pick?

Spartan HQ will move all members of team NE Spahtens to our dedicated wave the week of the event. The exceptions will be if you are registered to run the Elite heats, or you have paid additional for a confirmed time.

Regular registration is for a *range* of times – “late morning” or “early afternoon” for example. You can pay Spartan extra to have a confirmed time – say “9am”, or to run with the Elites in the first wave of the morning.

Other than that, regardless of which wave you chose – you’ll be moved to the team wave.

If this doesn’t work for you, it’s EASY to switch back to the wave you picked, or a more convenient wave. An email to Spartan HQ, or a trip to the registration tent at the event site and you’ll be good.

Where can I ask questions and get more information?

dont-panic-thumbSpartan HQ always setup Facebook events pages for the wider audience – and we have team Facebook events setup for New England Spahtens – visit and find your event – this is always going to be the most effective place to ask questions and organize ride shares or accommodation.

If you need help from Spartan Race themselves, you can open a ticket through their website – make sure you put your event name in the subject line, and BE PATIENT. They prioritize responses based on up coming races.

Are you totally new to OCR? Check out our OCR Newbie articles to help you figure out what to expect, pack and bring.

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