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Training for CMC

Civilian Military Combine is coming! One of the more unique and rewarding events on the calendar, CMC requires you to test your strength to it’s limits before heading out on a course to test your endurance. No silly costumes here, it’s all business, all pushing your limits – and hopefully finding those limits were WAY further than you expected.

The Strength portion comes from The Pit – a 7 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) workout that cycles you through 7 push presses (75lbs for men, 45lbs for women), 7 kettle bell swings (40lbs for men, 26lbs for women) and 7 burpee box jump overs (20″ box). It’s brutal – and fun!

On Sunday, we got the chance to work with Rich Borgatti of Mountain Strength Crossfit in Winchester, MA – he opened his facility out of hours and invited us in … there, we got the opportunity to warm up, work on technique for each of the Pit elements, then run through a timed and judged Pit session.


If you’re interested in Civilian Military Combine – check out the video’s we shot of the Pit workout – and remember, you have a 5 mile OCR immediately after 🙂

Paul running through the first set (camera stopped!)

Nate running through the full WOD (his first time!)

More photos

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