Along with our awesome OCR scene, we also have a thriving OCR training scene …

This interactive map shows training facilities that specialize or focus on Obstacle Course Racing in New England, and offer some kind of discount for members of the NE Spahtens.

Click on a pin, or expand the menu on the left to learn more about each location. Note, not every facility has good “Google Fu”, and you may need to find them on Facebook.

Discounts vary – always call ahead, and be sure to wear NE Spahtens gear so they know you’re a member of our community!

Note: Prices are not listed. Call ahead to learn their schedules and NES discount!

Do you want to be on this map? Contact us. If you can offer a discount to the community, and have more than a passing focus on OCR, we want people to know about you!

Spot any problems? Let us know!

Training is fun with friends!

Want to find people in your corner of New England to train with? Join one of our regional or sub-focus groups on Facebook!

Facebook Groups

  • NE Spahtens Training (Our main training group, New England)

  • Stone Tower Spahtens (MA North Shore)

  • Bloated Ginger Mudder Babies (CT)

  • Granite State Spahtens (NH)

  • Western Mass Spahtens (Western MA)

  • Central Mass Spahtens (Central MA)

  • Ocean State Spahtens (RI)

  • Green Mountain Spahtens (VT)

  • NE Spahtens Ultra Runners (New England)

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