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Tribute: Ken Copland

Perhaps you have heard we have a Kiwi on the team.  Perhaps you know his name is Craig “Copie” Copland.

I met Copie in 2012 at the NJ Super.  He was a guy with a funny (and, admittedly, awesome accent) who was chatting up Paul Jones(another guy with a funny accent).  Shortly after this race he joined New England Spahtens, and the rest is history!

Copie quickly became a friendly face in the community, with his finish line Haka’s, and traditional face paint markings at CMC – sticking out like a sore thumb 🙂

Late Sunday night we learned that Copie lost his father in a tragic accident.  From all the articles I’ve read, he was a great man with lots to offer his community back home, and anyone he came in contact with.  This is a great loss.  It is no wonder Copie turned into the man we all know and love.


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Copie had planned to run with the team this weekend, but obviously is now flying back to NZ.

While he spends time with his family, we would like to honor the Copland family and we dedicate this race weekend to them. Please keep them in your thoughts while you race.

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  1. Black armbands or black tape along the edges of our bibs?

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