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Tuff Scramblers and Unleashed

Unleashed in Warwick RI, already one of our favorite indoor training venues for obstacle course racing recently announced that they would be partnering up with the folks over at Tuff Scramblers, one of our favorite fixed venue courses.


It makes sense – Tuff Scramblers, despite being a fixed venue with permanently installed obstacles only ran two events per year, and Unleashed, despite having amazing indoor facilities, was lacking in the mud and terrain.

I reached out to the Unleashed crew, and asked them some questions.

– How do you plan on using the venue?

We would like to use this venue as an outdoor training facility. There’s great technical trails for longer runs and the obstacles open possibilities for many skill and technique building drills. With all of the races and the rising number of participants we feel the community needs more training and preparation for the races not only for the competitive edge but also for injury prevention.

– How much access do Unleashed members have to the venue?
They will have the same access they would have at Unleashed indoors. Access to classes, special events, private scheduled functions all with our trained and highly certified coaches.

– What changes do you have in store for fans of the Tuff Scramblers series?
You can only imagine the possibilities and additions that can happen with two great creative thinkers with a true love of the sport. I can’t divulge anything specific, but be assured any changes would positively effect the OCR venue and the experience of the racers.

– Whats next for Unleashed? (World domination!)
Yes!!! At least national domination!



Then, I followed up with some questions for the Tuff Scramblers owners:

– What does this mean for the Tuff Scramblers venue and events?
Our events will go on as usual, twice a year, in May and October. However this may give us the opportunity to create some new obstacles that can be implemented at future races.

– Will you be opening up to training for people outside of Unleashed?
All participants will have to go through Unleashed to register and it will be pre entry only.

– What changes will you make as you transition from a twice a year race, to a year around training facility?
We do not plan on making many changes to our venue as a whole, but I will continue to try and create different obstacles that I feel would be interesting and challenging and ones you normally wouldn’t see at other races.

Unleashed plans weekly outdoor training courses at the Tuff venue, and is extending the same generous $5 discount they do at their main facility when you register. You can find more information, and pre-register your place here –

5 thoughts on “Tuff Scramblers and Unleashed

  1. I love the training at Unleashed!. I feel I am getting more prepared in conquering the obstacles. I look forward attending my next skills class. Plus I look forward in trying out my newly acquired strength in Tuff Scramblers OCR run this coming June 15/

  2. this is awesome, can't wait!!

  3. Can't wait to get out and get dirty on that course.

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