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Type One Renegade Run

One of our goals for the New England Spahtens is to promote obstacle course racing. This immediately brings up mental pictures of Spartan warriors, and Tough Mudders – maybe even the Warrior Dash logos and helmets.

But the OCR world is bigger than the big three. There are hundreds of small races put on by local businesses, or raising money for local charities.

Today, thanks to Spahten Katie Webber, we stumbled across one of these!

The Renegade Run is in it’s first year and has a goal of raising money and awareness of Type One diabetes – and when I contacted the race director, Tyson – he really liked what we were doing – he’s also an OCR fan, and has run them all too – so he’s not coming from “outside” this sport – he was also really open – this isn’t going to be a Tough Mudder like challenge – his goals aren’t the same – but he would still love to see the NE Spahtens show up and help light up the course.

So – if you’re interested – the details:

  • When - Sunday, Nov 25th
  • Length - 4 miles, with obstacles and terrain challenges
  • Where - Wompatuck State Park, Union St, Hingham, MA
  • Signup - Put code Spahtens in at checkout and get a $35 entry - this expires on Nov 11th! Full price sign up will still be available.

Myself, my wife and my father are registered to run in the 10:30am wave, and with the registration fee, the total cost was still under $40! I hope we can wrap up the New England Spahten 2012 OCR season in style with a good showing, some great support and of course, lots of NE SPahten shirts representing 🙂

Who’s in?

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