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V-Force Weight Vest

I recently treated myself to a V-Force 40lb vest from, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I had been wanting a weight vest for my training for some time. My intention was to wear it while running, and perhaps to wear it to my Crossfit box while WODding. But, I’ve mostly ended up using it for hiking, and I couldn’t be more please. Specifically, I ordered the short vest – the longer style rests heavily on the stomach, making it ill suited to running or active persuits, and I went with 40lbs. The elephant in the room – price. is expensive. They offer trade in on old weight vests, and they do sometimes have deals on stock or display items – but, you’re paying for something more than just a jacket with some weights. The vest is incredibly well built, and that build is done in the US. On top of that, you get a life time guarantee and they’ll fix or replace any problems in a similar way to the GoRuck bags we all love. Mine ended up costing a little over $200 shipped, and it was money well spent. 2013-07-04 11.18.34 HDR-2 If you’re looking to increase your training intensity, and get stronger and faster with a weigh vest, this is an excellent buy, and are a fantastic company to get it from.

7 thoughts on “V-Force Weight Vest

  1. try to get us a Spahtan discount? )

    1. Have done – not available.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I just ordered the 40 lb V-Force and the discount code works too. Looking forward to it.

  3. We have a discount going use: GETFIT for instant discount at check out.

  4. Thanks for the article Paul!!

  5. I love it. I tried on the ones that come from dicks and similar, and they just don't compare.

  6. I've been tinkering getting one myself. Thanks for the info.

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