Cut-Out Skull decal

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Decals are heater friendly (but not snow scraper friendly, and watch rear wipers), easy to install (just be patient) and will rock the Spahten logo and name anywhere you roll!

Small: Around 5″ tall
Large: Around 9″ to 10″ tall

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Application instructions

Be patient, be gentle – if you botch the install, you have ruined the decal!

  • Clean window with Windex and a paper towel.
  • Mark your lines with tape / defrost lines – the decals are hand cut – do not rely on the edges to be straight!
  • Peel the thicker white and blue layer off the decal.
  • From the center, apply the decal to the desired location.
  • Using a plastic scraper / credit card, smooth any bubbles or creases out, and press the decal to the glass.
  • Gently and SLOWLY remove the clear layer. If the white decal peels up with it, lay it flat and press down with the scraper again.

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2 reviews for Cut-Out Skull decal

  1. (verified owner)

    great way to let the world know you belong to the best community and also allows you to join in the spot the spahten game. these stand up great to new england winters just dont use ice scrapers on the windows these are on

  2. Paul Jones

    Bigger is better! I filled the back window on my Camry with the big skull and big text decal – looks awesome, and super eye catching!

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