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New England sleeves!

Custom, die sublimated sleeves will protect you from the UV rays, and the rocks and mud of a race – while looking amazeballs and representing the New England Spahtens in style!

NOTE – you are ordering a single sleeve. To get a pair, buy two!

ALSO NOTE – The newest batch of sleeves fit *slightly* tighter (not enough to recommend changing sizes, but if you have old sleeves you may feel the difference) and have an integrated gripper, so no silicon will pinch around your upper arm. They feel snug, but secure.

ALSO NOTE THIS NOTE – The colors are now slightly brighter than before – side by side with an older pair, you may notice the difference.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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9 reviews for Sleeves

  1. Hannah Hawley (@sirenical) (verified owner)

    Started in a pair of XXL that worked great for arm protection, but eventually they just started to fall down (My arms got smaller)! They were in great enough shape after a year of racing to be able to pass them on to someone else when I went to get myself a pair of XL sleeves. They help me regulate body temperature, protect me from scrape and scratches when crawling.

  2. Beth Jones

    These sleeves are awesome for sun protection and abrasion protection. I have full sleeve tattooing and these are great to keep all that protected. The silicone grip at the top ensures they do not slide down.


    love the sleeves but not sure if its a good or bad problem that a xxl does not really fit my arms well.

  4. Paul Jones

    Awesome for abrasion protection, sun protection and they look badass. Size them right, and they’ll take a beating!

  5. Christopher Mulvey

    Would order of they had larger sizes

  6. Joey Lee

    Dude your arms arnt that big. I think a small would work for you 😛

  7. Eric Surawski

    I am trying to order a pair for fenway, but only see small as an option are the other sizes out of stock? please help

  8. Erin Jones

    Same here. I can attest that they brought me through mud rocks and slides with minimal damage to my sensitive body 🙂 And after washed and air dried, they still fit tight and look as good as new.

  9. Paul Jones

    The team sleeves are amazing. Wore them for 6.1 mile of Superhero Scramble, including sliding down the Super Slime slide, and they held up fantastic. Washed up great, and are ready to rock again!

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