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What off season?

The much anticipated Spartan Race at Fenway Park is now just a few short days away. The 2012 season ending Renegade Run is taking place over Thanksgiving Weekend (and you just missed out on the chance to get in for the NE Spahten special pricing – sorry!).

Time to relax, rest up, heal, and drink yourselves silly on eggnog all winter, and wait until the sun and heat comes back before hitting the races again!


This is New England, and a little snow won’t slow us down. Sub zero temperatures just means you need to wear long pants.

January 1st, New Years Day – check out the NE Spahten team for the Hangover Classic in Salisbury. A 5k and 10k road race, ending in a dip in the ocean.

January 12th, The Extreme Wolverine Challenge – a 5 mile fundraising event – and there will be plenty more information to come on this one!

January 26th, The Polar Bear Challenge – again, plenty more to come on this 8 hour endurance race on the Shale Hill Farm OCR course. I’m going.–racing.html

Also on January 26th, a much more tame 5k Blizzard Blast in Lowell – check them out

And thats just January!

Welcome to the off season!

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