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Why we love Team Braveheart

Team Braveheart are our OCR cousins in the tri-state region – you will have heard them calling if you ran with us in 2012 at the NJ Super, and they were all over the 2013 Super too.


The fearless leader, Jen Rosant recently posted her own story – check it out and see why we LOVE Team Braveheart – they have a message we should all live by – Live Brave.



If you hear the call “Braveheart!” on the mountains of VT this weekend – respond. Send them some Spahten love!

1 thought on “Why we love Team Braveheart

  1. Team Braveheart has always been awesome in my mind. Now that I know how the team came to be it is even more amazing!

    Heard in the distance: "Brave"
    The answer from another location: "Heart"

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