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Wicked Mud Run – new event

When a new race pops up on the scene, the first reaction from me is always caution. We’ve been burned by a new (ish) race before, and small events – while sometimes some of the most fun around – sometimes they are just a little bit … crap.

So, when a new race popped up and they have big names behind them already … well, I pay a bit more attention. Recently, Wicked Mud Run did just that.


Coming from the founder of local energy food company NRG Bar, Wicked Mud Run is his first obstacle course race – but when I chatted to the race director, Dan – his background in organizing events, and exposure to OCRs is a little more than simply an avid fan … not only has he competed in events, but he’s vended at one of our favorites, Ruckus, and organized and built a successful road race series in his home town.

Plus, he is putting his NRG Bar company name behind this event as a sponsor. And bringing in others, Cisco Beers for one – and a little shoe company we may have come across, Inov-8. Thats some pretty big hitters.

I’m also relieved to report that the RD didn’t try to tell me his event was the best, biggest, hardest, toughest, muddiest … his goal is to put on a fun race, get enough runners to break even, and put his efforts into a race series – his goal is to be offering cash prizes, shoe vouchers, free beer and fun. Lots of fun.

He has a tight time window, and he’s up against the Death Race for scheduling – but he is also reading every review on our website, and offering a discount code to the Spahtens (you can find it by joining our event on Facebook).

So, if you’re not in VT for the Death Race, and want to run a promising OCR with other NE Spahten, sign up and check this one out.

4 thoughts on “Wicked Mud Run – new event

  1. Congratulations to Ray Thompson and Danny O'Rourke on your hard work as the coordinators of this racing series! I'm impressed with not only the sponsors you have obtained but with the charities you are supporting through this series. Job well done and can't wait!

    1. Very proud of you.

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