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Women’s only …

Women’s only mud runs / obstacle course races have had a bit of a spot light in recent weeks – with a blog post from Dirt in your Skirt and several opinion pieces cropping up after that.

Dirty Girl, LoziLu, Diva Dash – they are all the names and brands we’ve heard from, and they have proven track records of providing what at least one subset of women are looking for – an easy to access, softened down version of an OCR – no timing chips to worry about and a glass of wine and a massage at the finish line.

The toughest obstacle at LoziLu 2012
The toughest obstacle at LoziLu, NH 2012

Enter Mudderella. They appear to be different. While still women’s only (but men can run if they are invited by a women), and still having silly obstacle names (Ballsy Ballerina for one) – the obstacle photos and drawings they show seem strangely familiar … and much more inline with the kind of thing we would see at a Tough Mudder. Take a walk through their website, it’s very familiar …


There are red flags – they only have one 2013 event (PA in Sept) – which appears to be their *first* event. They have a PACKED 2014 calendar, including Canadian and UK races. Of course, if they are a new series with no events under their belt, where did their obstacles come from? How about the slick video showing lots of people enjoying themselves on obstacles, or at after parties?

The answer to that may be in a Shape magazine article that mentions the co-creators name, and a subsequent Google search showing that a lady of the same name happens to be the Chief Development Officer at Tough Mudder HQ …

It can be a small world, sometimes 🙂

So – ladies (and guys – I’m not limiting the responses to this blog post …) – would you run a Women’s Only event EVEN IF it was as tough as a co-ed race? Sound off in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Women’s only …

  1. I’m married, but am still allowed to enjoy the view. 🙂

  2. Nope. Its dumb to think events can only be for women and not only for men. I personally like the challenge of competing against men. Why use baby names and soften an OCR, its meant to challenge, not entertain. Not worth the money for me.

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