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Worlds Toughest Mudder opens it’s doors to all


Want to run World Toughest Mudder? Part with some cash, and you can.

Now, whats your excuse?


Worlds Toughest Mudder is the culmination of the Tough Mudder yearly calendar. Held over the past two years, you had to log a fast time at a Tough Mudder event to qualify even to run it. You do laps of a Tough Mudder course over 24 hours, and generally, it sucks.

Of course, there is their first problem. Entry was never policed, and because they are un-timed, you could effectively just fib your way in. Removing this condition has proven pretty controversial of course – people now feel it has “cheapened” the experience – anyone with a few hundred bucks and a plane ticket to the venue can run.

Others welcome it – they have “upped” the prize money considerably, and are offering prizes for other achievements during the event – most night laps for example, and as someone who loved his experience last year said to me , “I think anyone should be able to try it”

And anyone can. If you pay them the hundreds of dollars it costs to get in, and the gear you will need (and you will need it).

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