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Worlds Toughest New Englander …

With all of the hype and attention at Fenway this weekend, lets not forget to keep in mind the big race in New Jersey. Worlds Toughest Mudder is an epic 24 hour series of loops of their most challenging obstacles, and the Spahtens have extra incentive to pay attention.

Local racer, Junyong Pak is defending his title as worlds toughest – won in the bitter bitter cold last year – I hope this is a warmer race.

Also keep our buddy Andrew Hostetler in mind – he’s challenging Pak …

This is a race that the average mortal could never compete in. While you need strength, agility and stamina just to make it through the obstacles lap after lap – you also need the mental toughness to keep on going for 24 hours, through the kind of cold temperatures you just can’t imagine enduring – Pak proved he had that last year, but this being year two? So many more folks know the deal now – so many more folks will be better prepared.

I know there’s a whole crew of Spahtens going and competing – some for the top spot, others just to challenge themselves personally.

Good luck everyone!

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